How is Padilla's name supposed to be pronounced?
Started by Geniraul
Geniraul Rep. 1474
#1   22 Mar 2023
In which way shall the name of the bot Padilla from World of Padman be pronounced?
Is it Padi[y]a or Padi[ll]a?
I asked Kai-Li about this on Discord, but didn't receive the reply.
Whatscheiser Rep. 662
#2   18 May 2023
I would say "pah. - dee. - yah" or maybe like you have Padi[y]a.

I served with a dude named Padilla. That's how we all pronounced his name. I assume it would be the same in the Padman universe. Maybe? lol

Geniraul Rep. 1474
#3   19 May 2023
Oh, that's very interesting, hahah. Yeah, it also seems more probable to me that it is "pah. -dee. -yah", like you said, especially since that's how it would be pronounced, for example, in Spanish (and in French as well).

Fun fact: when I type in Google "granadilla pronunciation", it tells me that it sounds like "gra-nuh-di-luh" with British pronunciation, but when I switch to the American pronunciation, it sounds like "gra-nuh-dee-yuh :)

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