Doom & Quake: more than just video games
Started by Geniraul
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#1   05 Feb 2023
TL;DR: Doom & Quake: more than just video games is the video series which sets the goal to unite and expand Doom & Quake communities.

This is episode #1: Characters and connections:

Extended version:

Ladies and gentlemen, after more than 17 years since I first came up with this idea, I’m very happy to finally present you the video series Doom & Quake: more than just video games: Get yourself a cup of tea 🫖 or any other drink of your choice, and let’s begin the adventure!

Doom & Quake: more than just video games sets the goal to increase the comprehension between Doom and Quake communities, connect them between each other more and unite them! Moreover, the series have the objective of popularizing Quake & Doom games, and preferably, filling the gap between older and newer generations in our communities and contributing to the further development of doomers’ and quakers’ culture by showing why Quake & Doom are way more than just video games.

Sure, my series need some further improvement, such as more qualified video image, less grammar mistakes (English is not my native language) and general enhancement as well. But that’s exactly what I tend to do! ;) And therefore, just like I mentioned on the opening of my channel, I believe that together we’ll be able to build not just a worthwhile house, but a whole legendary infrastructure! 💪 :D And oh yeah, just like all the other videos of these series, this one is full of spoilers, so make sure you are ready for that before you begin to watch :)

Today we’re starting the season 1: Teleport. Why “Teleport”? Well, we’ll be switching between different amusing and at some point educational topics in each episode, as well as visiting various cool places, which is the reason why you can see the nature on the background. There’s nothing that feels more natural than the nature itself ;)

Let’s get introduced to the series with the episode 1 which is dedicated to the characters and connections between them in Doom and Quake games. Here are the timecodes for each section in this video:

00:00 Intro
00:15 General words
00:40 Doomguy
01:08 Doomers' community
01:59 Doomguy as a character in Quake Champions and Quake 3 Arena
03:31 Hunter reference in Doom 3
04:05 Weird sound
04:26 Doom and Quake abbreviations
05:29 Unique Doom Eternal references
05:44 Specific for Doom 3: Resurrection of Evil monsters
06:09 Main characters of the Quake series + Quake games’ connections
07:23 Quake Champions references' in-game items
08:02 Jan Paul van Waveren aka Mr Elusive
09:00 id Software team
09:33 Quake 3 Arena characters (bots)
21:23 ..::LvL — Quake 3 custom maps database
22:13 Quake 3 Team Arena characters
22:43 Quake Champions main characters
27:14 Other Easter eggs
28:46 Some of the Doom 3 characters
28:59 Marauder and Khan Maykr
29:15 Arachnids in Doom and Quake
30:18 Outro
30:47 Traditional question

From the oldest to the newest games — let's take a trip to the dreamlike and unlimited world of Doom and Quake!

Full version: available on the video page in the pinned comment and the first reply to it:
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Tig Rep. 1662
#2   05 Feb 2023
@Geniraul - This is cool and the video was really unexpected :)

Personally, I would recommend posting a brief overview of the content here on ..::LvL and a link out to the full version. Including a TL;DR single line summary and link at the top could be a really good idea too.

Either way, I hope you keep at it!

Geniraul Rep. 1432
#3   05 Feb 2023
@Tig - Thank you for the support!

I edited the original post, hopefully it looks more pleasant to the eye now ;)

Will it be a good idea to apply this layout to the longer comments in future, too? Like the one that I wrote on DANTESCA?
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Tig Rep. 1662
#4   08 Feb 2023
Personally, if you are going to write that much, I think a TL;DR section at the top is a good idea.
Geniraul Rep. 1432
#5   08 Feb 2023
Got it, thank you for the reply!
Geniraul Rep. 1432
#6   21 Mar 2023

@leilei @Neon_Knight I am just curious: what is the plot or the story behind Major's model in Open Arena, as for this scar on her face that she does not have in OA?

P. S. Huge thanks for taking part in development of this astounding TC! If we count it as an independent game, Open Arena is definitely one of my favorites!

leilei Rep. 413
#7   27 Mar 2023
I am only here for an interest on enjoying Q3 maps and only about Q3 maps, no inquisitions about OA please. (likewise i'm not here to plug either)
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Geniraul Rep. 1432
#8   27 Mar 2023
I asked a question about OA because there is the "[OpenArena] OA compatibility thread" pinned on the forum, and thanked you for its creation, since it is one of my favorite games. I did not intend to do any inquisitions.
Geniraul Rep. 1432
#9   28 Apr 2023
Episode 1 is now also available on Rumble:
Geniraul Rep. 1432
#10   13 Oct 2023
The 1st episode of this series became my first video that got 1 000 views. Thanks to everyone who made this possible!
Tig Rep. 1662
#11   14 Oct 2023
@Geniraul : Congratulations. That is awesome.
Geniraul Rep. 1432
#12   14 Oct 2023
@Tig Thank you. I hope to start working on the second episode soon.

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