Favorite Easter eggs in Quake 3 and about Quake 3
Started by Geniraul
Geniraul Rep. 729
#1   14 Jan 2023
What are some of your favorite Easter eggs in Quake 3 (let's count custom maps as well) and about Q3 in other games or elsewhere?

As for Easter eggs in Quake 3, I'd mention Doomguy who was brought here as a character, model and bot, and Cacodemon as a custom Q3 bot by Lee David Ash (lvlworld.com/autho...e%20David%20Ash).

And concerning those about Quake III in other games, I would say Hunter Easter egg on journals' front pages in Doom 3 and Slash who was brought to Quake Champions as a playable character :)

KommissarReb (SW12) Rep. 2248
#2   14 Jan 2023
"Easter Eggs" refer to secrets such as these: eeggs.com/tree/922.html

However, you are correct that Hunter on the "Booty" magazine in Doom 3 was a fanservice Easter Egg. People unfamiliar with Quake 3 who went on to play Doom 3 wouldn't get the reference. ;)

leilei Rep. 363
#3   17 Jan 2023
Q3's real easter eggs are:
  • dust puppy from userfriendly making a cameo under a couple of the floater maps
  • that grisly dopefish found on one level
  • that one intern's head
The characters' coming from other id games are intentional and not eggy in the slightest, save for TankJr themself as the implied child from Quake2's easter egg from the end level.
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Geniraul Rep. 729
#4   17 Jan 2023
Well, I agree that the transferred characters is not the most non-obvious thing in the world, however it can be a good surprise for people who launched Q3 (in some cases QC) for the first time, but those familiar with the original games which the characters came from.

And still, there's for example the Easter egg of Icon of Sin on Biker's back that hasn't been mentioned here, yet.
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KommissarReb (SW12) Rep. 2248
#5   17 Jan 2023
@leilei: I think the Quake 3 manual said TankJr's father was a Tank Commander. The Tank from the Easter Egg in Quake 2 you refer to was just an ordinary Tank. I know it's a minor technicality, but I don't think the Iron Maidens on Tank Easter Egg is canon.
Geniraul Rep. 729
#6   31 Jan 2023
In order to resurrect the topic, I'd like to mention another couple of my favorite ones:

In Q3: Doom II's map 01 Entryway inside the Q3A version of World of Padman's PC Gamer presents PadShop by ENTE
Referring to Quake 3: The Q3 rocket launcher keychain in a car in Wolfenstein: The Old Blood
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