Autodownload stuck after download is complete
Started by Bummser
Bummser Rep. 70
#1   26 days ago
Hey, everyone. This is my first post, so hello people!
I noticed that often after a map download via autodownload feature the client does not join the match but gets stuck in the autodownload screen. The client then has to restart join process to make it work as expected.
Happen with vanilla steam quake3, ioquake3 and quake3questVR.
Is something wrong with our server or is this a known issue?
Thanks for this awersome website btw!
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Tig Rep. 1224
#2   25 days ago
@Bummser : About the only things I can think of is a CRC error or you are using gzip compression on the transfer of the PK3. If gzip compression is enabled on the server, you might be sending a file that is smaller than the expected size, but not by much. So, the system would hang at the end, waiting for the last bytes to arrive. On restart the PK3 has been downloaded, so the client can connect immediately.

This is 100% a guess as I know nothing about your set-up :)

Bummser Rep. 70
#3   24 days ago
Our servers run ioquake 3 for linux on pi4 and amazon cloud. The server config is pretty straight forward, very default config. So i am guessing it could be a problem with our ioquake 3 build. Wild check in that directions. Thx Tig.

btw we have your tig's den map running on our server . Great tourney map. Thanks for this awesome archive.

edit: how would one check if gzip is activated on the server side, never saw that cvar.
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Tig Rep. 1224
#4   24 days ago
This answer on StackOverflow has a few options and ways to check gzip compression settings:

Basically, you would need to manual request a PK3 in a browser or with curl and check the headers.

PS: Glad to read that you enjoy Tig's Den :)

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