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Started by Tig
Tig Rep. 1134
#1   23 Jul 2021
I've started looking at the member profile section section and thinking it needs a bit of work.

Would be great to get some feedback on what the members really want in this section.

For example, is having the list of maps you have downloaded useful?

With the maps you have voted for, would it be better to have them sorted by Top to Bottom, or have the option to sort by when you voted? Maybe something else?

Do you want to be able to see where your Reputation (positive and negative) has come from over time?

If there were options that were only available on the website version, is that OK? (and some options removed on smaller screens)

Anything else you wish you had on the profile section? Anything you wish was a lot easier to do or see?

raspatan Rep. 4064
#2   24 Jul 2021
Now I see this. I made some comments on the other post.
Regarding reputation, what about something like in Stack Exchange network, where you can plot it over time?
The list of maps downloaded is very useful!
I think the section is very complete to be honest (except for the sorting/filter).
HelterSkeleton Rep. 5290
#3   24 Jul 2021
I find anything that improves searches is useful. so anything that helps searching by any means necessary: downloaded, comments, votes, map types etc...

reputation sources: yes and no. I don't really want to know, but sometimes I am curious. I just finished looking for how I got a minus 2. It wasn't the minus that was the bother but the number. Our reputations vary by single real digits by voting (which is self-controlled) but the comments increase/decrease by a factor of 10, so I thought maybe we could fractionally rank comments now: I hate the comments rating anyway. unless I agree or disagree with EVERYTHING contained in a comment I generally don't bother except as an occasional friendly boost for members I feel deserve higher reputations than what they have.

I've tried uploading thumbnails for profile pics that have been too small, and which I couldn't rescale without altering resolution, so dunno if that's worth changing.

sometimes I feel like i'd like to pvt msg or chat with other members (e.g. if you wanted to ask questions of a level author about a map while developing a review because the readmes don't always have current author contacts).

But really - I am with Raspatan: unless you pressed me, I've never really thought anything was really missing or not working. it seems fine on the whole to me.

Tig Rep. 1134
#4   29 Aug 2021
Some beta changes have been uploaded. Seeking some feedback before making more changes or adding the editing and preferences options.

Personally, I find it a lot better, but some of the changes might not suit everyone. Basically, the "Activity" section replaces most of the pages and while you can see more at once, there is less graphics. You can change what is displayed with the "Change filter" option.

As these pages are hidden for now, you need to manually edit the URL to see them. You need to change /member/id:x to /member21/id:x

A few member profiles are linked here for easy access:

@HelterSkeleton -
@raspatan -
@EmeraldTiger -
@KommissarReb (SW12) -
@CZghost -

I'm thinking of adding a filter to the reputation and bookmarks pages as well.

For the sorting option on the Activity page, currently you can only sort by date. Would a title option be useful (a-z, z-a)?

And finally, I was trying to work out how a search would work. This would be a pretty complex query to write which is why I have not done it and while I see very limit use for it, others may not. Very hesitant to do a search due to the complexity of it and possible very little usage, but will look into it more if others really feel it would be used.

raspatan Rep. 4064
#5   30 Aug 2021
Hi there,
Tig, I like the new member's page. Clean and clear. Removing image is fine, since it integrates with the new feature of image appearing on hover of map name. But I would only remove the background change when hovering on the different compartments of the page.
Regarding sorting, by date is the only thing that make sense to me given the different categories mixed up. However, could you not sort by vote value? Say for instance I want to see favourite maps of a given member. That sorting would be great.
Also, any chance of also adding the value of the vote next to each vote? Would be interesting piece of information.
Thanks as always for the great work.
HelterSkeleton Rep. 5290
#6   30 Aug 2021
like Raspatan said: Clean and clear.

I'm assuming the italicised functions: download, vote, comment will also link to pages listing all downloads, votes, comments??? and perhaps also the contents of the overview? To a table with links to member profiles from their names?

Organising searches: on your downloads page, comments page dates and names (map, author?), type? I see space map isn't currently listed under "type" in the full menu. votes: dates and names (map, author?), type?; but especially dates and scores (0-5).

I appreciate work on this against perceived need but I would certainly use it and like to see the ability to customise how this loads. Authors could feature their own level designs, and perhaps other members could feature a favourite map or map they have reviewed on their members page too??? Maybe this might encourage some to write a little something in the comments about why they like the map. I know Kommissar picks a lot of maps from a design perspective that contain interesting elements/architectural features.

But either way would love to be able to customise the aesthetics/colour. but seeing as I might be the only person to use any of that regularly I'd understand if you didn't. it would mean a bit much for just 1 or 2 people but perhaps you might like to see the site that way for your resume???

either way, it looks clean and simple, as is, really need to see it fully functional

I could sacrifice the reputation stuff for that. It would be great if we could customise our background through a similar image selection of a map.

HelterSkeleton Rep. 5290
#7   05 Oct 2021
@Tig just some feedback on the changes:

1. my rep went from 5040 to 5028 overnight but there is no corresponding downvotes to account for it in the reputation list. why would this be?

2. I still use ie for my browser sometimes (I have my reasons). my issue is this: under the links more reputation, more activity et. etc. I click on the link but it freezes on the requesting information and never opens up the full list. is this a browser issue or a site issue?

Edited 25 seconds after the original posting.

Tig Rep. 1134
#8   06 Oct 2021
@HelterSkeleton: I've pulled the backup files for the last 3 days and will have a look at them. A change of -12 Rep is also a little odd and should have appeared in your Rep History when sorted by date, but the only recent changes are 2 votes for the new releases.

Using IE still! Wow. I have tried to use JavaScript that should still work under IE, but I may have missed something. I will have a look and see if I can work out what is happening there. It is a little hard to even test with IE these days. I can confirm IE would be the issue for sure.

The Rep. change was 5,038 to 5,028. This was from someone removing their "Agree" status on a comment of yours. I have not been tracking a change like this, but I might look into it now. Without the information that someone removed their "Agree", it looks like the system has broken.

The IE bug has also been fixed. Was easy enough to spot. Thanks for reporting that.

raspatan Rep. 4064
#9   08 Oct 2021
Profile page look so nice now. You can see your stats on everything! Congrats!
raspatan Rep. 4064
#10   08 Oct 2021
Another thing. Is it possible to see general ranking on other stuff beyond rep? For instance, my profile says:
4th for reviews
5th for comments
4th for votes
15th for downloads
10th for forum posts
Would it be possible to click on these to see the full ranking? I'm curious to see who's number 1 on things like downloads and votes, and etc. :)
Tig Rep. 1134
#11   10 Oct 2021
@raspatan : A "Member Leaderboard" has been uploaded. It is only basic and runs from 1st to 8th in the overview and 1st to 36th in the detail view for a section.

Note: If two (or more) people have the same value, then they are classed as a tie for that position. The person below the tie will be shifted down by the number of people in the tie. You can see this in the Leaderboard section for Reviews.

A whole heap of other changes have happened as well, please report any errors.

raspatan Rep. 4064
#12   11 Oct 2021
@Tig Looks amazing! Love the highlight of own name in leaderboard lists. Great job!

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