GtkRadiant and Windows 7
Started by munyul
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#1   07 Sep 2011
I recently upgraded to Windows 7 and wanted to work on a new map, so I installed GtkRadiant 1.5. Problem is that it doesn't seem to work for me! :( The program starts, but the 4 views don't work - front, side, top and 3D views are blank and nothing happens.

Has anyone else had this problem and been able to correct it? Without having to turn off the new GUI interface - turning off Aero under Vista worked, but I'd like to keep the shinny new GUI if possible.

Thanks in advance for any helpful tips :)

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#2   07 Sep 2011
Forget the shinny GUI for GtkRadiant, it's simply not supported with Windows Vista/7

Locate your GtkRadiant executable, right click on it and choose properties, go to the Compatibility tab make sure that the option of "Disable desktop composition" is checked. That way you don't disable aero for your complete desktop, just for this software.

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#3   07 Sep 2011
You could also give ZeroRadiant a go (also called GtkRadiant 1.6.x). I don't use Windows 7, but I have heard that it works:

If it works, please post a quick follow-up for others.

Edit: There is also this forum thread which may be of interest:
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#4   07 Sep 2011
I am myself using ZeroRadiant on Win7 x64 and I can tell you that it's not working also. That's because of the Gtk platform - Great for having a GUI for a software and it's cross platform compatible, but you cannot use the advance visual of Windows or Mac with Gtk. If you got it working with ZeroRadiant, I would be curious to see how it's done.
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#5   12 Sep 2011
@DGhost, thanks for the "Disable desktop composition" tip, it worked :)

I haven't had a look at ZeroRadiant, and since GtkRadient now seems to be working, I probably won't have a look at ZeroRadiant now - unless you guys think it's worth looking at?

Thanks again...

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#6   15 Sep 2011
Using any version of Radiant is a personal choice. For me I just like to have the latest version, ZeroRadiant is still beta, but so far it doesn't crash on me, there are some quirks with it still. I was wrong for the desktop composition for ZeroRadiant, it does support it, but it's disabled for me by default because I have a nvidia video card and there is bug with Aero it seems.

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