Change mod settings through .qvm files
Started by raspatan
raspatan Rep. 4239
#1   16 Jun 2021
Hi there,
I play Spiterbot mod a lot and would like to change some of the mod settings: timing of items. They are not the ones used in OSP/CPMA. There is no command to control such times. It is hard-coded.
Best option would be to get the source code and recompile. Problem is I haven't found such code online. Mod is from 2002.
An alternative is to "decode" the .qvm files. I did so using this tool:
All I got from the three .qvm files is some text like this:
I have no idea what to do with this. There are some stuff that might be related to spawn. For instance, some code says:
00008cad const 1 0x5d61
00008cae arg -1 0x8
;; dec: ----
00008caf const 1 0x38a ; :unknown function:
00008cb0 call -1
00008cb1 pop -1
;----------------------------------- from 0x8cac
00008cb2 local 1 0xb0 ; arg0
00008cb3 load4
; 01 00 00 00 (0x1)
00008cb4 const 1 0x1bc
00008cb5 add -1
00008cb6 const 1 0xe7b8c
00008cb7 load4
00008cb8 store4 -2
;; dec: ----

No idea if this is helpful or not.
Even if I manage to find the precise edit (which I doubt), I would then need to recompile. No idea if that is even possible.
Am I attempting the impossible here?
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Tig Rep. 1224
#2   18 Jun 2021
If anyone does locate the SpiterBot mod source code, please let me know. I would like to add the source code to the download on ..::LvL.
raspatan Rep. 4239
#3   19 Jun 2021
Well, I've been having a debate with the CPMA people (discord) and they say that CPMA bots are spiterbots. To me they are much dumber. I will keep testing anyway.
@Tig I doubt mod culture, back in the days at least, was open source friendly. Even today, CPMA is not open source.
leilei Rep. 343
#4   19 Jun 2021
That's mostly down to usage rights in most mod SDKs at the time. Developers allowing modding is kind of a tug-of-war between the publisher (usually about "trade secrets"), and the GPL release of the code doesn't retroactively apply.
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