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I want to upload my Quake Live maps to LvL
Started by Moth
Moth Rep. 0
#1   8 days ago
Hi, I've recently gotten back into mapping after a 20 year break (!!) and have two large CTF maps that I am proud of and currently beta testing om the steam workshop:

1. steamcommunity.com...es/filedetails/
2. steamcommunity.com...es/filedetails/

Any advice you ay be able to offer on how to submit my creations (packaged as PK3 for Quake Live) do let mw know. Thanks.

raspatan Rep. 1602
#2   8 days ago
Hi Moth. This site only hosts final releases. Also, as I understand it, it only hosts Q3 maps, so you would have to convert them for Q3.
Btw, maps look great! Congratulations!
Tig Rep. 884
#3   8 days ago
Just a follow up to raspatan. Menu -> Map Queue will have all the information you need.
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