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..::LvL automated scripts update
Started by Tig
Tig Rep. 884
#1   20 Sep 2020
The automated scripts that check the items, bots and a heap of other stuff for the reviews and listings have all been re-written. To be honest, the old ones were a bit of a quick hack job that "did the job", but they had errors and did miss a number of things.

Anyway, the new scripts have been run over all the listed maps now. The Overview section should now be a lot more accurate and have nothing missing.

That's all. Just a general information post.

raspatan Rep. 1602
#2   27 days ago
Cool! Is there a way to bulk download the metadata of the maps? (date, votes, comments, map type, etc) It would be interesting to have a section on the site to visualise them in detail. I can help setting up the analysis and code (in R software), which could be implemented on the site and run once in a while by you or perhaps automated altogether.
Tig Rep. 884
#3   27 days ago
I'm currently working a few different things, but will add this to the todo / wish list.

By comments, do you mean the number of comments or the comments text?

Same with the votes, do you mean number of and average or individual votes?

raspatan Rep. 1602
#4   27 days ago
I mean number of comments (to explore for instance level of activity over time), as well as number and average votes. So many things can be visualised. For a start, maps over time. Also, rankings can be produced of maps with highest daily average downloads. The more the better I would say.
Anyway, whenever you have the time. No rush!
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