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COVID-19 Special
Started by Tig
Tig Rep. 1024
#1   28 Mar 2020
What are people up to during the COVID-19 pandemic?

Are you playing Q3A, finishing or starting projects? Is your area in a lock-down?

I thought it might be nice to share some details in what is clearly an extraordinary time.

For me, we have been advised to not go out by the Government. Lots of places are closed, people have lost jobs.

I am also working on a Q3A map that I started a few years back. This is going well, but I have set myself some pretty high standards for it. There is a lot of complex brush work - which is a good challenge and also the reason why I'm enjoying it.

There has been more time with the immediate family - another great benefit of this hard situation.

And I have been really enjoying God of War on the PS4.

KommissarReb (SW12) Rep. 1930
#2   28 Mar 2020
Similar deal here. I have two jobs; one retail, the other inside a fulfillment center. The store I work at closed last week and won't open until April 3, whereas I can go to work at my other job because I have an "essential logistics worker" paper I keep in my car.

The state I live in allows me to go out and buy things, though some stores and restaurants are either closed or features like sitting at tables at Pizza Hut are currently unavailable. Some states like New York put a quarantine prohibiting people from leaving their homes at all, however our President wants to get everyone back to work within a week or two so we can recover our economy. The stock market has been a roller coaster all week long.

As for projects like making custom maps and mods, I'm in a similar boat as you Tig. I have two custom maps I'm making for Quake 3, a custom map unfinished for Garry's mod, a custom mod for Civilization IV: Colonization in the works, several custom maps for Star Wars: Battlefront (2004) I've barely started, a custom map I'm working on in Doom 2016, a custom map for Dawn of War: Dark Crusade I lost progress on due to the save file getting corrupted, a custom map for Dawn of War II: Retribution not fully packed together, and a race I haven't fully playtested and still haven't finished working on portrait pictures for in Space Empires IV.

I have a bad habit of getting ideas for custom content to make before losing interest in it until months (or years) later. Though people encouraging me as well as feeling upbeat helps me get back to doing it.
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bepisman Rep. 118
#3   30 Mar 2020
Can't leave house except for work in the UK, so I've been playing some of the old command and conquer games, along with a bit of quake here and there.
Khalsagamerofficial Rep. 0
#4   22 Apr 2020
Which Server You Play On
Foralarx Rep. 568
#5   25 Apr 2020
@Tig, holds hand up to be a beta tester when you're ready. :)

Now I've wrapped up the one in the queue I've decided to have a go at a bucket list item for Q3. A ctf map of my own design. Watch this space.

Tig Rep. 1024
#6   26 Apr 2020
@Foralarx : Sounds good to me. Not sure when it will be ready for a beta test, but I will let you know..
leilei Rep. 327
#7   28 May 2020
More time than usual relearning mapping via Trenchbroom (because I have to). I'm still uncertain if I can release a Q3 thing as my layout skills still suck and I get hung up whether I should layout or detail and haven't handled this internal conflict in the flow yet, and I still can't do beziers/curves. but not every mapper overly relied on them anyway (like Meat)

though for oa3 on the other hand I can finally try to map those different themes, motifs, and old plans i've made that I can't get any mapper to budge to do for ages. Hobby projects have their flaws
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