Create a bot file for this map "The Span"
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#1   26 Nov 2019
  • This is a Spectacular map but without bots, we cannot enjoy the map.
  • Here is the Download link for this map

Could someone Add bot file for this map "The Span"

Tig Rep. 1554
#2   26 Nov 2019
Bot support file has been added. The bots do not play very well which is why the author never included it in the original release and did note this in the readme.

The patch file is here:

You may want to change your display name too. You will end up with a heap of spam if you keep that current one.

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#3   04 Dec 2019
Thanks for the message... I have tried to change my profile name, But there is no update option in profile edit page
Tig Rep. 1554
#4   04 Dec 2019
Try :

It is at the top of the profile page, under your name.

arcan770077f Rep. 30
#5   29 Dec 2019
There's a way to make them play better with some botclip and donotenter geometry. It really does make an impact. In addition you should use the bspc v2.1i, I've had great results with it.
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#6   09 Jun 2020
Out of curiosity, I made a botfile for this map, and if you want a laugh, check out the screenshot...
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