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Changing plasma gun color to pink
Started by P00T1NK1
P00T1NK1 Rep. 0
#1   28 Feb 2019
I have been working on making the plasma gun look like how it was in the test version. It's basically copying the necessary files from the test to the Q3 game. I have the correct files for the plasma in the gun and plasma shot so they are pink but not the blast effect on the wall. It's the same as how it is if the plasma is blue. There's only so many files that are plasma gun related so I'm not sure if I missed them or what. Has anyone else tried doing this?
EmeraldTiger Rep. 1100
#2   07 Mar 2019
The blast effect texture used for plasma gun explosions can be found in models/weaphits/plasmaboom.jpg in the baseq3 folder. Most of the weapon explosion / impact effects can be found in this folder. In this case, the plasma explosion effect is in this folder because it's a texture mapped to an actual 3D model (it's roughly dome-shaped, and it will have the orientation of the vector normal of whatever surface it hits), whereas the actual bolt is a 2D sprite with a fixed orientation (it always faces the player), which is why it's in the sprites folder.

I actually did pretty much the same thing for my mod, except I just recolored the plasma textures to a magenta color in GIMP. Hope this helps! :)

P00T1NK1 Rep. 0
#3   08 Mar 2019
I was thinking of doing the same thing! I've never used GIMP before so I'll have to check it out. The blast pattern in the test version is awesome but it's a mystery where the files are located. There is no plasmaboom.jpg equivalent in the test version so it must be something in the code. Thanks for the help
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