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Making changes to Q3 maps
Started by P00T1NK1
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#1   24 Feb 2019
I am trying to find a way to change some of the maps included with Quake 3 so different powerups will spawn. In particular add the battle suit to more of the maps. I am new to GtkRadiant but I assume that is what I would have to use to make map changes. Thank you!
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#2   26 Feb 2019
In the very early days of Quake 3 I remember a mod that allowed you to edit the entities while moving around the map (in game editor). You could also save your changes, then load them later. No other changes were made to the game engine. Sadly, I can not find a copy or remember the name of this mod.

The OSP/CPMA mod allows for the replacing of one weapon / item with another. You can even remove all matching items from a map. There are plenty of other options available as well. Personally, I would start with OSP and see if that does what you want - www.orangesmo...org/download.html

NOTE: Changing the entities on a map without updating the BSP and AAS (bot file) may lead to strange bot behaviour.

P00T1NK1 Rep. 0
#3   02 Mar 2019
Thanks for all the help! I've been checking out the OSP mod. I loaded the mod in Q3 and noticed the differences in gameplay. But when I use the config generator, where do I put the config file? Does q3config.cfg get replaced with the one I just made?
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