map toxic fabric
Devils Right HandRep. 0
Devils Right Hand  
29 Jan 2019, 16:27 AEDT
hey i like to show my map toxic fabric is original maked for Wolfenstein - Enemy Territory as Deathmatch, im a qake3 engine mapper over 5 years and mapped 6 maps for wolf et,later i consider to port my map toxic fabric into qake3/qakelive, i ask if some1 can make a review of my map and i you like my level design, heres original tread of my map + screens of wolf et forum.splatterladde...opic=15827
KommissarReb (SW12)Rep. 1397
KommissarReb (SW12)  
06 Feb 2019, 09:35 AEDT
Just noticed your post. I'll review your map soon, though it's up to Tig to upload the new reviews.
I tried playing your map, but the game crashes and I get this error: "Z_Malloc: failed on allocation of 16777240 bytes from the main zone"
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bozina69Rep. 74
08 Feb 2019, 08:46 AEDT
toxic fabric played ok on my PC. I7 8gb RAM, AT graphics card.
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