Unable to use mods or custom maps in ioquake for Linux
seccanjRep. 0
25 Jul 2018, 08:39 AEST
Hi all,
I'm new to Quake and after some effort I was able to install and start a dedicated ioquake server on my ubuntu 18.04 box.
I can play ioquake with the basic Quake 3 and Arena files, but everytime I try to load a custom mod (from this site) or a custom map (I just made with GtkRadiant) I get crash/restart (with mods) or errors (with maps).
I followed the instructions to install ioquake on Linux and then updated it to the latest release, with ioquake3-1.36-7.1.x86_64.run. I'm not sure though if this also patches the Quake data.
I start the standalone server with "./ioq3ded.x86_64 +set fs_game q3dmp15", for example to load one of the mods found here, and the server can actually find it.
I then start the game with "./ioquake3.x86_64", connect to the local server and I can see the mod listed.
When I start the mod, anyway, the game crashes and restarts with the basic data.
Any idea what could be wrong? Installing and setting up on Linux was not so linear...
ChomenorRep. 0
29 Jul 2018, 15:42 AEST
The server command seems strange because q3dmp15 appears to be a map, not a mod. Mods can be loaded by setting fs_game like that, but maps are typically loaded by just placing the pk3 in baseq3 and using the map command. So a typical command to start the server with that map initially would be "./ioq3ded.x86_64 +map q3dmp15".
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