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Unable to use mods or custom maps in ioquake for Linux
Started by seccanj
seccanj Rep. 0
#1   25 Jul 2018
Hi all,
I'm new to Quake and after some effort I was able to install and start a dedicated ioquake server on my ubuntu 18.04 box.

I can play ioquake with the basic Quake 3 and Arena files, but everytime I try to load a custom mod (from this site) or a custom map (I just made with GtkRadiant) I get crash/restart (with mods) or errors (with maps).

I followed the instructions to install ioquake on Linux and then updated it to the latest release, with ioquake3-1.36-7.1.x86_64.run. I'm not sure though if this also patches the Quake data.

I start the standalone server with "./ioq3ded.x86_64 +set fs_game q3dmp15", for example to load one of the mods found here, and the server can actually find it.

I then start the game with "./ioquake3.x86_64", connect to the local server and I can see the mod listed.

When I start the mod, anyway, the game crashes and restarts with the basic data.

Any idea what could be wrong? Installing and setting up on Linux was not so linear...


Chomenor Rep. 0
#2   29 Jul 2018
The server command seems strange because q3dmp15 appears to be a map, not a mod. Mods can be loaded by setting fs_game like that, but maps are typically loaded by just placing the pk3 in baseq3 and using the map command. So a typical command to start the server with that map initially would be "./ioq3ded.x86_64 +map q3dmp15".
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