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Quake Live maps here?
Started by CZghost
CZghost Rep. 1445
#1   22 Dec 2016
Hello. I found map named “Frag Cementery” in queue and after brief checkout of pk3 content I see it's Quake Live map and by levelshot I see not very good one (for visuals). ZIP download: fragcementery.zip

Is it allowed to host Quake Live maps here? I mean made specifically for Quake Live (so BSP is version 47 and such unplayable in regular Quake 3). This is the case of this map. Since I do not have Steam account and I do not have a copy of Quake Live, I can't test this map right now, maybe some years laters, if nobody gives in review during the QL idle time :( But as one would expect, it would be Quake 3 map and then he loads it up in Quake 3 and gets BSP version mismatch error. So good I check pk3 content first, so I could predict results of loading such maps...

leilei Rep. 297
#2   22 Dec 2016

Quake Live maps made for Quake Live available on the Workshop can stay on the workshop

Players of Quake Live would find downloading a map for Quake Live from ..:LvL manually and expecting their players to also download would be very annoyed and the process is cumbersome. There would be no real benefit to host Quake Live maps here.

Scope creep is bad

And don't even think about submitting conversions of QL maps to Q3 against authors' wishes. It's bad enough QL is recieving too much of the versa (disguised as "Race maps" etc)

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Tig Rep. 844
#3   22 Dec 2016
I've removed Fragcementery from the map queue. Only Quake 3 is supported by ..::LvL.
CZghost Rep. 1445
#4   23 Dec 2016
Thank you :) It's a little bit confusing when you download a map, and Quake 3 rejects it as it's wrong IBSP version. Maybe you should add a notice that only maps for Quake III Arena and its mods (including Team Arena) will be accepted, Quake Live maps will be rejected as it's different game and for the same reason as described above. Quake Live maps are incompatible with Quake III Arena...
V1979 Rep. 295
#5   31 Mar 2017
I don't know if there is any copyright problem, but technically one can easily convert QL maps into Q3A maps.
CZghost Rep. 1445
#6   01 Apr 2017
The fragcementery map was clearly a QL map. I've looked in the arena file, which hosted QL gametypes, and hexedit view showed BSP version 47 (0x2F, character "/" after "IBSP" string), which is QL BSP format. That clearly wasn't a conversion...
Tig Rep. 844
#7   01 Apr 2017
I think V1979 was talking about converting maps from QL to Q3A.

Yes, a conversion of any kind where the original map is used and modified in some way is a copyright issue unless you are the owner of the original or have been granted permission by the owner.

A remake on the other hand is a very grey area and I do not want to comment on that at all.

CZghost Rep. 1445
#8   03 Apr 2017
Remakes are acceptable, if it fixes anything and completely reworks appearance. But it all depends if author will accept that, too. Remakers should always ask the owner. If no response (or contact unable = MAILER DAEMON returns back undelivered message), then owner is probably not interested in maps and mapping anymore (that's common with authors who did just one or two maps in between 1999 and 2001 and nothing more have appeared since then). But it doesn't automatically mean you're free to modify content. In fact, I keep trying to contact one Czech mapper, who did awesome School map, to send that map's source to me as I'd finish the map for him (make it playable with bots, fixing some errors, etc.)

As for conversions: Like Tig says. You need permission to convert someone's map to another game (or modification). That way I was able to do conversion of Opposing Force map by PaN61 into Team Arena version (Opposing Teams). You should NEVER do conversion, if you don't have permission to do that. That in fact doesn't apply to id's maps delivered with GtkRadiant as sample maps. Unfortunately, not all mappers are so honest and id seems to be focused mainly on Quake Champions development rather than keeping an eye on unauthorised modifications and redistribuion of Quake 3 Arena contents. If they did, mostly half of the beginner public mapping attempts would be soon banned and removed from download sites...

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