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Started by MBT
MBT Rep. 233
#1   28 Apr 2016
Wasn't here for a while, so I'm just wondering...
Can't find the donate button o.O

Where'd you hide it Tig?

Tig Rep. 974
#2   28 Apr 2016
The donation link - lvlworld.com/donate - is still there, on the main page and in the full menu - UNLESS you are using the Android App.

The reason is Google made me remove the link on the App or they would not list the app in the Google Play store. I believe it is because Google does not get a cut (30%) of the donations and because the donations do not go through the Google Play Store.

The really sad part is I got no communication from Google about why they were removing the App. I had to put all this together and work it out from other people posting about Google pulling their App from the Google Play Store for no known or stated reason. Once the donate link was removed, there was no issue.

This is why I've gone into detail, maybe it will help someone else in the future :]

MBT Rep. 233
#3   29 Apr 2016
Aw, ok. Then I gonna check it out when I'm home.

Google stinks anyways... always kinda reminds me of Skynet

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