CZghostRep. 1171
23 Nov 2015, 08:38 AEDT
Martinus is active and he had few attempts to QL mapping, but failed. Now everyone can make maps for QL, it is no longer fixed to weekly updates as it was in the browser era. The only one requirement is to have an account to play - for testing. Also there is an issue with bot play compile, which you can read above. That's beyond my understanding, though... Also, 30 € is expensive for me and as I do not play Quake every day but occassionaly to test some new stuff or just have a fun, it's extremely inconvenient for me to investition... I'm sure I'm not the only one with that issue...
leileiRep. 197
23 Nov 2015, 14:31 AEDT
If those maps are "dying" or "dead", then taking them into QL's workshop without proper authorization would be pissing on their graves.
ColtonRep. 83
22 Jul 2016, 00:36 AEST
You don't need to do all that Hipshot. What I did simply was:
1. Convert map to QL using latest q3map2
2. Reach the aas file using plain old bspc -reach mymap.aas using the newest bspc
3. Enjoy! Bots should work just fine now.
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DoubleDragonRep. 0
02 Feb 2017, 06:27 AEDT
Just wanted point out how to change that IBSP. to IBSP/ Simply open the bsp in a text file preferably a code editing notepad like ++ and change IBSP. directory by replacing the fallowing decimal after IBSP with a forward slash / not a .........................................DOT..................................... Switch from 46 to 47 looks like this done IBSP/ and to go back looks like this done IBSP.
I know this is old post but wanted to shed some real knowledge before someone gets stuck reading ideas not facts thanks.
CZghostRep. 1171
03 Feb 2017, 01:39 AEDT
@DoubleDragon: That won't work. You can't change just the IBSP version without actually changing structure to match Quake Live's map format. Quake Live maps have additional lumps, that have to be included in the new format map, but hexaediting the IBSPv46 to IBSPv47 does not automatically create them. They have to be created by compiler. That way it's recommended to ALWAYS use q3map2 for such conversions. And of course you have to repair botfile to work with the new format (which is bspc's work)...
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