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New video editor and encoding
Started by Tig
Tig Rep. 964
#1   31 Jan 2015
I've started using a different video editor (Blender, yes, the 3D editing software) and I've changed the video encoding slightly too. The quality is a lot "crisper" and clearer in my opinion and the editor is way better than what I was using before.

The first video to be tested is here: lvlworld.com/video/id:733

Please let me know if you have any issues. Be sure to include browser and OS if you do have a problem!

MBT Rep. 233
#2   01 Feb 2015
No problems here so far 😊
You are doing a great job there, sir.
leilei Rep. 327
#3   02 Feb 2015
Video plays fine on Firefox 17.

also you could get a cleaner video by having con_notifyTime changed

Tig Rep. 964
#4   02 Feb 2015
Haha Firefox 17!!! Released in 2012! You're a luddite leilei :]

I've been in two minds about the console messages - I'll remove them on the next videos and see what I think. I'll also run bot_nochat 1 to stop them hanging around on a respawn too.

Blood Rep. 684
#5   03 Feb 2015
Nice Tig, vid quality looks great.
FragTastic Rep. 1444
#6   05 Feb 2015
Looks impressive Tig! Can't wait to see more videos like this ;D.
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