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Started by i4c
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#1   07 Feb 2013
The new site looks really nice, but on the old site i could look for all tourney maps.
Some other sites like ws.q3df have more complex search, I wish one day i can make complex searches like:
no shards
rail gun
made in 2010-2012
with a conditional "and" in between all these.
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#2   07 Feb 2013
You can do (most of) that kind of search from the "advance" search. For example, try this link:

And this link to build your query:

Can you give the advance search a go and let me know what you think.

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#3   07 Feb 2013
ops don't know how i missed it. ;) Thank you.
I would suggest the inclusion of quake live maps, score intervals every 0.5 and years.

1 thing i noticed, blood run, has all those, but isn't mentioned.

Edit: Now i see, it is because u included personal teleporter, the usable item :P i was referring to teleporter/ portal, like ztn and hub have.

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#4   07 Feb 2013
ztn's Blood Run has been updated.

Basically, ztn3dm1 has more than 1 BSP in the PK3 and the script I use to scan the PK3 (and cache the data) only works if there is a single BSP. I've just made some changed to the script to support more than 1 BSP, but the script needs more testing. I've only run it against ztn3dm1 so far - but it works.

Thanks for that!

As to your other requests, they are good suggestions and when I get the time, I'll add them.

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#5   24 Feb 2013
Just a heads-up about the advance search.

All maps with a "standard" zip structure (that is a PK3 within a zip file) should now have keywords linked to them, no matter how many PK3 or BSP files are included (previously the data caching script only worked with a single PK3 and a single BSP file). This means the advance search should return better results.

I have a list of the non-standard zip files and I'll need to check these one by one. That may take a little while, but I'll get to it. There are about 100 of them.

Now for the good news. You can perform an advance search that includes "year" queries. The check is against both the build and release dates.

I'm not sure about including the "Quake Live maps" option as there are so few of them (about 33 maps in fact). It would be easier to just browse for them -

Personally, I don't like the "top maps" feature, but due to the popularity of it I'm serious considering including it in the advance search - but it is not included yet. My current issue is: does a search for "3.5" maps include every map above or only every map with a ranking between "3.5" and "4.0"?

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