Zero Cube 74
Zero Cube 74 by Munyul Verminard

A big vertical column with a bounce pad at the bottom, bordered by narrow columns. Designed for InstaGib its a very vertical space, defined by very tall posts decorated with yellow hazard stripes. The architecture / aesthetic is so minimalist it feels surreal. Game play consists of free falling, bouncing off the floor and back up to the roof again. There are few hidden teleports on the floor that will drop you off at the top. Without these you would be over this map much sooner. There are a few small platforms to land on, one of which has a teamed power-up. Bots play well, nightmare bots will pick you off straight away.

Its good practice map for Rail fans and InstaGib fans should enjoy it.

Ranked: 1.9 out of 5 (12 votes)

Download: Zero Cube 74 by Munyul Verminard