Eternal Asylum
Eternal Asylum by Excelsiore

Solid, blocky architecture with a simple tech theme. The layout is mostly horizontal with two main rooms and wrapping corridors. The map is bigger than it seems on first impressions playing better with 3 or 4 players than a 1on1. Game play is a little dry as some of the connections are quite long. Vertical clip brushes could have been used to smooth player movement through the hallways instead of hitting your head on the ceiling supports when you are running along the edge of the wall. Short Plasma climbs are very handy for getting about fast and will allow you to bypass some of the longer paths. Bots find their way about the map fine.

A steady improvement on the mapper's last release.

Ranked: 2.4 out of 5 (5 votes)

Download: Eternal Asylum by Excelsiore