Klzillust - Illustrious
Klzillust - Illustrious by Killazontherun

A mid-sized FFA map in the industrial style. Overall its a pretty damn good map, but lacks a bit of polish and consistency. Details like light *beams* that don't fade out and water that doesn't slow you done or provide the standard walking thru water sounds. The sections are a bit patchy some feel finished others are just dark and barren. The gameflow is not focused at any one point it just feels as if you are always fighting in corridors. The BFG placed next to the red armor (well, a r/jump away) is not a good move either.

Worth a closer look? yep for sure but not everyone will like it.

Ranked: 1.9 out of 5 (6 votes)

Download: Klzillust - Illustrious by Killazontherun