The Call of Ktulu
The Call of Ktulu by Robert Muetzner

The intertwining pathways and connectivity of the map's layout shows a great deal of potential but it does get a little too tight in parts. The gameplay is very fast with 3 players on this small map and 1on1 matches are good. However, problems with the placement and quantity of items soon become apparent. Red Armour, Rocket Launcher, Quad, Red Armour, 100 Health and then Regen can be scooped up in a 5 second run. With more time spent on items and a bit of tweaking of the brushes this could be a great small map.

worth checking out for small FFA or potential 1on1.

Ranked: 3.9 out of 5 (151 votes)

Download: The Call of Ktulu by Robert Muetzner