Space Curve
by RaP
Space Curve by RaP

Space Curve is an almost symmetrical, dark space map with a gorgeous skybox and missing a Rail Gun. The only real break in the symmetry besides items is one of the smaller islands is accessed from the lower middle section and the other is from the higher walkway.

The visually strong skybox is used well to help locate you in the map quickly on respawn. A seamless use of curves and brushes is highlighted with the green to blue to purple colour scheme, which finishes the space theme.

Layout wise, the distance from one side to the other is a little too far for a release without a Rail Gun. The launch pads are very aggressive. They can shoot you from one side to the other quicker then a rocket launcher can shoot. A shorter distance on the common ground and a more gentle launch would have suited the Rocket Launcher and Plasma Gun focused gameplay.

Up against bots, they will mostly stick to either end of the common ground. This can leave the MegaHealth to Red Armour to Quad Damage run very open. With some easy speed jumps, this combo can be fun and quick to pick up.

A well constructed release but the layout is too wide without the Rail Gun. Enjoyable for a few rounds.

Ranked: 3.7 out of 5 (5 votes)

Download: Space Curve by RaP