SGDTT7 by Deathhead The Tormentor

Map layout is interesting with the rocket room being in the shape of a flower. The layout provides for nice game play, the action is there. The grating in the center room seems to just have been pasted in. Adding a horizontal bar on each end would have been a good idea. Item placement is good. Bots play pretty good. Textures are done nice, besides the grating issue which could have just been left out.

Overall this is a nice release. Download this for some fun. I will keep this for sure.

Reviewed by Bizkit

Tigs notes: The map construction is very poor on this release. The entire level is drawn from all points on the map. This is because the author did not seal the curves (patches) correctly. Instead the author simply placed the map inside a box in order for the compiler to work.

Ranked: 3 out of 5 (14 votes)

Download: SGDTT7 by Deathhead The Tormentor