q3_TrueBlue by KIIIA

I can start off by saying I love the cel shading technique how it brings a cool cartoonish style to the Quake 3 World. The custom ecel texturing from evillair. Plus the author himself has some custom textures to display for this type of format which is very nice. The map is constructed in high detail and the download size kinda sums it up. He displays a very good talent for detail, but with that in mind gameplay just took a big dive off the cliff. The layout is almost straight forward with the use of some teleports to bounce you around. The RL area is a decent size room for some good fighting, but is hindered by just one teleport to exit out of. Item and weapon placement doesn't seem to give any help for gameplay due to the complexity of the detail in the map. Bounce pads could have been thought through a little better. The bots play OK. Sticking around near the RL room and sometimes getting confused with only one exit.

I feel this map was intended for showcase of talent. Not gameplay-ability. Dial up users might want to pass on this especially if they have a low end PC. Everyone else who are not in that bracket. Well have fun spectating. Great job author. Too bad its your last Q3 engine map.

Download for looks, but you might clear it off for drive space.

Reviewed by ShadowZombie

Tigs notes: The level has some fundamental construction errors which will cause almost the entire level to be drawn at some points. Basically, the author has what is commonly called a leaked level and to fix this problem has simply placed a sky box around the map. This will fix the leak error during compile, however it will cause many other problems including large bot and BSP files, almost no vis blocking and extremely long compile times. This is a great example of what not to do.

Ranked: 4.1 out of 5 (13 votes)

Download: q3_TrueBlue by KIIIA