The Third Encounter
The Third Encounter by NemiX

A single split atrium flanked by small linking corridors makes up this Egyptian-themed arena from NemiX. A small blue and light tan subset of sock's Egyptian textures has been selected, which works very well with the clean, sweeping lines of the map. The physical layout is symmetrical and quick to learn.

Bots generally navigate well but don't seem to go for the suspended Quad or MegaHealth. Item placement is generally OK but seems slightly weighted towards the Rail Gun end of the map, possibly replacing the red armour with a yellow would have helped address this. The lightning and plasma guns each sit next to an extra ammo pack, which is unnecessary. Some additional brush detailing here and there might have helped distinguish between specific areas, particularly in the small interior rooms at the sides.

The layout will be too symmetrical for some people's tastes, but overall this is a solid and enjoyable map and well worth a look.

Review by Shallow

Ranked: 3.2 out of 5 (12 votes)

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