noq3dm4 by noname

Starting up this level I noticed a nice screenshot that combined a sketch of the layout mixed with levelshots. I thought this was a good idea on the authors part. Architecture wise this map Is pretty solid. It combines good connectivity twists, turns, small jumps and a nice weapon layout to keep you moving along for your next frag.

I felt this map did not have that much of an atmosphere. The texturing theme was not put together all that well. Themes tend to help a level have a sense of being and this one missed. This map could have been helped with some more exciting lighting. As it stands it a little flat and nothing special. The bots played exceptionally well on hardcore against me which makes for a good offline game with someone in need of practice.

Altogether This map is good fun if your looking for a simple LAN game with friends or just something to polish up your skills on.


Tigs Notes: While the atmosphere may not suit everyone it is well finished and little different. The level is like a cross between q3dm7, q3dm11 and a bit of q3dm6 (personally, I like it). The layout is a lot of fun with many little tricks (all can be used in standard Q3A). The level can be dominated by the Rail Gun and this is my only criticism of an otherwise well made level. Grab it!

Ranked: 3.4 out of 5 (15 votes)

Download: noq3dm4 by noname