Leather & Space
Leather & Space by 187-J4CK4L

This is what 187-J4CK4L proclaims to be his first space map. Leather & Spice consists of several platforms arranged to create basically 2 tiers and then, for no apparent reason, what appears to be a tail comes from the back, reminiscent of one from a map called QBeast. It seems as though 187-J4CK4L honestly tries to make a decent space map, but the effort falls somewhat short.

Item placement is OK, but gameplay is uninspired. Very horizontal. Get yourself a Rail Gun and there will be plenty of shots to make. Most action takes place on the upper tiers and in the center of the lower one. Most weapons are present (no BFG) along with a couple of powerups.

187-J4CK4L also does us the pleasure of putting his name in big neon letters in the middle of the map. It has been my experience that the more visual a map authors name/picture is, the worse the map will be.

All in all, a vapid map that is playable for a few of rounds, but not much more.

Reviewed by Legrand [LN]

Ranked: 3.2 out of 5 (8 votes)

Download: Leather & Space by 187-J4CK4L