Scorpion's Lair
Scorpion's Lair by Scorpion

At first the map seemed to be a box map. A lot of the entrances are very hard to see let alone find. A lot of the map is confusing hallways that have terrible lighting. The author said he focused on producing fluid gameplay and not level design. I think they go hand in hand and his lack of focus on level design hurt the gameplay tremendously. In stead of hunting down your enemy, half of the time you're trying to find out where you are. Given this is the author's first map, the mistakes are understandable. I think with a little more focus on the level design, the author could produce some good maps.

I would not recommend downloading this map and I do not see people keeping it.

Reviewed by Bizkit.

Ranked: 2.3 out of 5 (2 votes)

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