Ranger's Playground
Ranger's Playground by hOlycOw

Conspicuously based on Place of Two Deaths (DM1), but many of the defining features of the original have not been reproduced. Gone are both the switch and floorplates, the drawbridge and the Yellow Armour alcove, the MegaHealth ledge (and it's shootable door), and the Grenade Launcher shelf. However, enough of the principal circuit and double altitude remains to bear more than a passing resemblance. Item placement is almost entirely new. Placement is not always sensible: less than 3 seconds separates the YA from the RA. The Gothic wad provides the decor, most of which looks okay. One slightly tacky rust/reflection shader is used on all the grids and beams. There is some overuse of wall torches and a lack of clipping in the middle room. The proportions of the architecture are incredibly small. Confrontations are always fought at very close or point blank range, even between altitudes. Travel around the outer circuit is fast and the RL can be used to solve every combat situation. The LG's only role is to obviate the risk of splash damage. Bots play okay, but it's confinement that will be your biggest enemy.

Not quite nostalgia, not quite tournament. Good for only a few manic matches.

Reviewed by Kell

Ranked: 3.8 out of 5 (17 votes)

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