Stronghold Opposition (TA)
Stronghold Opposition for Q3A & Q3TA by Remco 'SithLord' Mooijweer

Title : Stronghold Opposition for Q3TA
Date : April 13th 2001
Version : Team Arena
Filename : q3tastronghold.bsp
Author : Remco 'SithLord' Mooijweer
Email Address : **email removed**
WebSite : (Engines of Creation)
Description : CTF map based on Quake 2 CTF's Stronghold Opposition.
Mods required : Quake III Team Arena
Additional Credits to : - id software for Quake III Arena & Quake III Team Arena
- Kiltron for his texturepacks
- Evil Lair for the cratetextures
- Dave 'Zoid' Kirsch for the original mapdesign;
- Eraser, Lynx, Mr SDI, Menno de Benno, Nerdshuntress,
r3tina, Unrevocable History and WayWard for
playtesting and design tips.


* Changes made from version 2.0 to the Team Arena version *
- Added the Guard(2x), Doubler(2x), Ammoregen(2x), Invulnerability(2x) in CTF
and Invulnerability + Kamikaze in the other gametypes;
- Added the flag/obelisk-bases, skullgenerator and neutralflag for the TA-gametypes;
- Added directional arrows on the floors;
- Added weapon and armorpads underneath weapons and armor
- Added the prox-launcher and 1 proxmine-ammobox in each base;
- Added 3 chaingun-ammoboxes in each base;
- Changed the rocketlauchers near the heavy armor to the chaingun (it's back :-);
- Changed the Q3A-flags to Team Arena-flags with Team-logos;
- Added underwater- and watersounds in the pool and tubesareas;
- Added 2 location-entities for the pool;
- Fixed some z-fighting around the quad/neutral flag;
- Re-shot screenshots for the cam-monitor
- Made a .RoQ-file.

* Changes made from the PureCTF-version to version 2.0 *
- Changed some screenshots on the cam-monitor;
- Changed PureCTF-logos to EoC-logos;
- Changed the hidden PMQC-banners to EoC-banners (try and find them :-);
- Fixed some z-fighting behind some lighttubes;
- Moved some ammo-boxes in the liftrooms closer to the walls.

* Changes made from the original to the PureCTF version *
(this version is only available in the PureCTF mappack)
- Removed the Battle Suits for more balanced gameplay (no more onstoppable
tanks coming into the base);
- Improved the bot navigation a little (most of the time they still take
the shortest route);
- Added two spawnpoints for both teams in the enemy bases, for faster
- Changed the crate textures; (the original textures were from Quake II and
id software isn't too fond of people using textures from other games)
- Fixed some misaligned textures;
- Added a trim to the sewerpipe rooms with matching base color;
- Changed the pr0nMaster Quake Clanlogo with a PureCTF logo.


- Play Information -

Gametype(s) : CTF, One Flag CTF, Overload and Harvester
Players : 6 - 10 (3 vs 3, 4 vs 4, 5 vs 5)
Bots : Yes
Weapons : All except Lightning Gun, BFG and Nailgun;
Powerups : Quaddamage(only CTF and Overload), Medkit(4x),
Kamikaze(1x / 0x in CTF), Invulnerability(1x/ 2x in CTF),
Guard(2x), Doubler(2x) and Ammoregen(2x)
Extra notes on powerups : The Medkits, Kamikaze and Invulnerability are teamed
in groups of 3, so the Medkit has a bigger change to
appear more often.


- Construction -

Base : based on q2ctf2.bsp, but build from scratch.
Editor(s) used : Q3Radiant 1.97, Q3Radiant 2.02, GTKRadiant 1.1-TA-Beta
Additional Tools : Q3Build, GTKBuild, Paint Shop Pro and EditPad.
Known Bugs : Fans + Sewerpipes visible through sky outside,
if you know how to fix this contact me please.
Build Time : Original -> 4 months on and off,
but 3 weeks effectively.
PureCTF-version -> 2 months on and off,
but 3 days effectively.
Version 2.0 -> 3 days (1 effective)
Team Arena-version -> 9 days (3 effective)
Textures used : Base Texture set,
Crate textures from Evil's TexturePack II
and Kiltron's Texture Pack II.

Compile machine : PIII Cu 733 MHz with 256 MB SDRAM, TNT2 32MB, running
Windows 98SE

Brushcount : 4315
Entitycount : 621
q3map BSP Time : 23 secs
q3map Vis Time : 10 secs
TraceGrid : 95 x 61 x 7 = 40565 Grid points
Lightpoints : 242
q3map Light(-extra)Time : 74 mins 14 secs
bspc Time : 6 mins 02 secs
RoQ Time : 23 mins 10 secs