A Prison for wicked Clown's
date: 26. March 2001 - updated:2. April 2001
Title : A Prison for wicked Clown's
Filename : prison_ta.pk3
Maps : prison_ta.bsp
Author : Flava Clown (with any prefabs made by M.Kupfer)
Email Address : **email removed** (feedback are welcome)
home page : www.flavaclown.de
Bot support : Yes
Description : A small deathmatch map for Quake 3 Team Arena.
A Prison with a Prisonyard and 4 Watchtower.
Version : 1.01

1 ) Extract prison_ta.pk3 into your Quake3/missionpack/ directory (maybe in baseq3/ too)
2 ) Start Quake 3 Team Arena
3 ) The map is accessable from the menu or by going to the console(~) and typing /map prison


As i played the "Hired Team Trial"-Demo, i thought wow what a lousy game but the prison style Map is cool except any things. So i tried to made this map for q3a. This is not
an 1:1 rebuild i used an own prisoncell design, more rooms, more details, other tower and any other small things. I also used any prefabs from M.Kupfer (www.dangerzone.de.st) like the Computer and Toilets. (downloadable on his site under "own maps", and don't miss the great 27 [german] tutorials)
This Map got near to all Weapons (except the BFG), 1 doubler , 1 guard (both in closed cells, u need to find the buttons to go in and out), 1 scout, 1 megahealth and 2 traps (but very hard to go in).
This Version is a bit more fun, because the TA Weapons are damn fine. I love the Chaingun,
the power and the sound. I changed also the Skybox in this Version, a prison in Space. ;-)

The most heard Record while building was "Live at the Fillmore" from Cypress Hill.
[an phucking phat release the brings a bunch of phun to ya motha phuckers :-) ]

i fixed an small graphic only bug and also improved the fps and game flow a bit.
it wasn't an big bug but while i "work" on the ctf version i found some things to
change and improve, so that i did it. Sorry to all who download the first version.

base: the "normal" prison
editor: GtkRadiant 1.1-TA-beta by Loki Software,Inc. and qeradiant.com
other progs: Q3Map Explorer 1.2, Irfan View, Paint Shop Pro 7.02
know bugs: none yet, if you find some please let me know!!!
build time: 1 week with testing and compiling again and again.
i think i tried 2 days only the 2 traps. (incl. the "normal" prison map)

thanx to ...

Mike Kupfer (www.dangerzone.de.st) for nice and usefull prefabs
and the 27(!!!) great german tutorials.
SpoOky for Betatesting and the fun while testing. And also for some idea's.
Snoopy for 512MB Ram!

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