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Scream and q3gmctf1
*11 march 2001* Titel : Scream and q3gmctf1 By : GiBmAcHiNe {Bernard Hilbink} File name : Scream, ctf1 ================================================================ *Description* 2 levels with the same base all gametypes included. I like tourney best, don't know why. ================================================================ *Play info* Bot file: yes, bots seem to get around fine only with ctf they aren't much of a challenge. Known bugs: not that I know. ================================================================ *Construction* Editor used: q3radiant Build time : a few days =============================================================== *Installation* Extract file 4 type lvl.pk3 into your baseq3 directory. To play start Quake3 -Single Player-Skirmish-ffa-tdm-tournament-scream ctf-q3gmctf1. -Multyplayer-find server or start one. =============================================================== *Copyright,Permissions* This file may be distributed via any medium: Internet, bbs, cd-rom as long it maintains the name scream.pk3 and is supplied in a zip file called scream.zip that also contains this txt document and no other files.
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