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PC Gamer presents PadShop
1/30/2001 ================================================================ The American 'PC Gamer' presents PadShop Title : PC Gamer presents PadShop for Quake3 Filename : padshop.pk3 Maps : padshop.bsp Author : ENTE (Andreas Endres) Email Address : **email removed** home page : www.padmaps.de or www.padman.de Models by TONE : homepages.tig...adbell/index.html : **email removed** Music by DiESELKOPF : www.geocities...Strip/Alley/7013/ : **email removed** Presentator PC Gamer : www.pcgamer.com Description :Q3A - dm map Instructions: ------------- 1 ) Extract padshop.pk3 into your quake3/baseq3/ directory 2 ) Start Quake3 3 ) Both maps will be accessable from the menu * Playing Information * type of game: padshop - ffa & team dm Settings : Deathmatch, Team Deathmatch Bot Support : Bots are fully supported : Level Name(s) : PadShop Single Player : bots Cooperative 2-4 Player : bots Deathmatch Player : yes Ctf : no Difficulty Settings : bots again Puter: :AMD 900MHz, 256ram, GeFoce2 compile time: :6,20 Hours with FullVis ================================================================ PadShop is a pad-map for the fantastic 'PC gamer' magazine. This was really an honor and a great feeling for me to get this big offer to make a special map for a magazine like PC gamer. Big, big, big, Thanks !!! What is PadShop..? PadShop is a great pc games shop and in this you are not bigger than a grasshopper. You will find many food for your eyes and new models, new textures, nice jokes and some secrets (in this map there are four other rooms, two of these are secret rooms..gg). Then you'll hear nice soundfiles and new music, specially made for this map (for this you need the extra music file). PadShop is a really big map, a hardware killer like my other maps PadGarden and PadKitchen. You need some very good hardware to play this pad-map with high details, sorry. Okay, time to rock...!!! I hope you like it...!! ================================================================ More of the Pad-Maps are available from www.padmaps.de..! See the other 3A Pad-Maps: PADMAN'S PADCASTLE, PADMAN'S PADHOME, PADGALLERY, PADCENTER, PADGARDEN, PADPOOL, PadSpace, PadKitchen Or my EF Pad-Maps; PadGallery, PadKitchen and PadGarden...! and the only real PADMAN Model from TONE (homepages.tig.com.au/~adbell/)) ================================================================ The Skybox is from the Mighty Pete : www.geocities.com/petes-oasis/ Big Thanks..!! The 'Cpt.Kork' is Skin from Angstroem : themen01.exit...embers/angstroem/ Great Work ! ================================================================ A Special Thanks to: -Jeremy Williams: for the great offer to make a map for PC Gamer and for the really great time working with him. -TONE: the maker of the PADMAN model, I love him for doing this...:) He made the beautiful models in PadShop. Very nice teamwork again and I hope it was not the last. -Ronny: the man behind the swedish band DiESELKOPF. Fantastic guy, fantastic music...hear his work in PadSpace and PadKitchen too. -the BETA testers of PadShop: -Bomerlunder : www.bomerlunder.de -KARMU : find him on the PadServer..:) -Sixpack : the big brother of Bomerlunder...hehe -All the PADMAN and Pad-Maps Fans, you are the best..!!! -Michel who helped me with many tips for my maps....!!! www.dangerzone.de.st And a very special big Thank to all of the Quake3 Sites; www.quake.de www.planetquake.de www.planetquake.com www.quake3world.com www.k-quake.de www.qscene.de www.quakerszone.de www.quakequakequake.com www.fragazone.com www.extreme-players.de www.swissarena.ch www.q3a.de www.3d-zone.de www.quake2.net www.stomped.com www.q3e.yashuu.de/ www.quake3fans.de/ www.planetquake.com/lvl/default.asp and to all the other Site for the nice reports of my Maps ! ================================================================ * Legal Stuff * This level is (c) 2000 ENTE (Andreas Endres). You are not to include or distribute this map in any sort of commercial product without first obtaining permission from the author. You may not mass distribute this level via any non-electronic means, including but not limited to compact disks, and floppy disks. The Comic character PADMAN (c)ENTE
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