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Sonic Bounce
Date: February 10, 2001 Quake III Arena CTF level. ==================================================== Title: Sonic Bounce File: avctf1.pk3 Author: Vyper E-mail address: **email removed** URL: www.geocities...rsmaps/avctf1.zip Description: Medium-sized CTF space map for 2-8 players ==================================================== Play information Skills 0,1,2,3: no Tourney: no Deathmatch: no CTF: yes Bot File (aas): yes Other: no New sounds: no New graphics: no New music: no How to play: Extract avctf1.pk3 into your /baseq3/ folder Start Quake III Arena Capture away ==================================================== Info This is a medium-sized space CTF map for 2-8 players. More can play, but it becomes too hectic for most people. Curved pipes at both ends of the map are available for an alternate route to the lower level. Comments and suggestions are welcome! ==================================================== Weapons Rocket launcher, railgun, plasma gun ==================================================== Construction Base: none Editor: GTKRadiant Other progs: ArenaMaster 1.2 Dex's Mapping Kit 1.0 <www.planetquake.com/turkey> Known bugs: none thus far Build time: 4 days ==================================================== Distribution / Copyright / Permissions Copyright (c) 2001 Vyper All rights reserved. Quake III Arena is a registered trademark of id Software, Inc. This level may be electronically distributed only at NO CHARGE to the recipient in its current state, MUST include this .txt file, and may NOT be modified IN ANY WAY. UNDER NO CIRCUMSTANCES IS THIS LEVEL TO BE DISTRIBUTED ON CD-ROM WITHOUT PRIOR WRITTEN PERMISSION. ====================================================
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