When Worlds Collide
M3A Map 1 - When Worlds Collide - Feb. 28, 2001


Arena 1: pig of destiny, by unitool
Arena 2: mental oasis, by bushboy
Arena 3: Pump, by QPsiren
Arena 4: The Ruins, by Deathstalker
Arena 5: Lost Colossus, by Johnny Law

Levelshot, M3A logo, and M3A logo textures/compositing by bushboy
M3A logo and arena name shaders by unitool
Various RA3 logo textures and shaders from the Rocket Arena 3 mod
Various textures included from id's mapmedia.pk3

Other arena info:

pig of destiny
unitool (**email removed**)

* Credits *

Textures from Kiltron (www.planetquake.com/meanarena/):
tool_chip_metal_supp1.jpg (recolored)
tool_kilt_mtlsupport_top.jpg (recolored)
Textures from Pete Parisi's Meatpak (www.badmeat.com/)

Thanks to the MAHQ (www.planetquake.com/mahq) for hosting our forum.
Special thanks to Johnny and Qpsiren for extra effort when it came time to
compile this beast.

mental oasis
bushboy (**email removed**)



- evil_lair's textures (www.planetquake.com/hfx/) :-
cretewall_pipes drt_trimmulti e6symbol_a e6symbol_b
e6symbol_d e6trim_ltb mtlfloor1b mtlsupport_grt3wrn
smllwrnbrd_mr stepside_con stepside_mtl2 trim3_rstmtl

- RA3 Logo - copyright Walter [2] Costinak (Permission Received)
Logo placed onto Id texture base_wall/concrete

- M3A Banners
Modified version of the RA3 banners using Id strgg_banner as alpha

Thanks To :-

- The M3A team :- Johnny Law, Unitool, QPsiren, Deathstalker, Budda,
naked ape and anyone else I may have missed !

- Quake3World Forums :- To all those who have given invaluable info

- Those Id blokes !


Q3Radiant 2.02 & GTKRadiant1.1-TA


The last remaining oasis on a former trading planet, Gardinia, now home
to the outlawed Rocket Arena tribe. Water is valuable, you must fight
to get your share. Only the stongest mentally and physically will survive
to fight again. Welcome to the Mental Oasis.

Alternative Description

A 1vs1 box map with 4 levels and a lot of jump pads.

Copyright Stuff

Copyright (2001 to infinity) Matthew 'bushboy' Trow
This map may not be distributed in
any form without the authours prior notice, nor may the layout
be duplicated in any other map even if you ask me nicely, although
I may consider a large cash bribe.
Read the other copyrights in this file for more indepth legalities
concerning this RA3 package.

Title : Pump
Author : QPsiren
E-mail : **email removed**
Description : Rocket Arena 3 map, designed for fast 1v1
Previous work : Basic Instincts, fast 4 player DM

Set in a very small courtyard with overlooking balconies. It's in the
standard id-gothic style. Enjoy! BTW, there are 4 spawn points in
here - 2v2 is madness

- id software, for their remarkable game engine and letting us map for
it. id are also credited for the original gothic textures, which I have
slightly modified and are distributed renamed with this pak (see
textures\pump and textures\pumpx for details)
- Robert Duffy et al for Q3Radiant v202
- The guys at Curry (curry.sourceforge.net) for their shader editor
plugin for Q3R
- The MultiArena HeadQuarters (www.planetquake.com/mahq) discussion
boards, for very helpful RA3 mapping info
- All the other guys in the current M3A team (unitool, BushBoy,
Johnny Law, Deathstalker) for their support, for working so well
as a team, and for voting me compile donkey (at least partially)
- 51|Budda and Essobie for playtesting and feedback, as well as the
teammates above
- Bushboy in particular for the website design and updates, you da bomb
- I also have to credit the all makers of decent coffee the world over,
and Phillip Morris for letting me kill myself in my own special way Puff

Copyright / Permissions:
- All graphics in this archive remain property of their respective
owners; they are used here with permission.
- The authors of the whole pak reserve all rights to the contents
of this archive (pk3 and text file) not superceded by prior
claims and not waived in this document.
- You may of course install this map on an RA3 game server, and
you may install it for a RA3 client to play the map alone or on
a game server.
- You may not use this map as a base for creating other works without
permission from the authors.

The Ruins
Deathstalker (**email removed**)

Todd Gantzler's multiplant and Nathan Silvers' plant_pack
both available at www.planetquake.com/oakshiro/
Sounds from Death2Uall's Nature Pack 1 (factory.thebackburner.com/)

Lost Colossus
Johnny Law (**email removed**)

All media from other authors used and/or modified with permission.

Media credits: - Teleporter model and skin: Todd "Mr.CleaN" Rose. Skin
replaced by me... doesn't look nearly as good, but fits
in with the map's theme now.
- Colossus model and skin: Bjornar "Ewooz" Johansen;
starting from the original "judge" model, I tinted the
skin, removed the throne, and "supersized" the model.
- Fountain model and skin: Ranjeet "Rungy" Singhal; I've
added surfaceparm trans to the skin and squeezed the
model into an oval shape rather than circular.
- Pool brick texture (cosmo_brick48_mod4.jpg): a hacked-up,
resized, tinted version of a texture from CosmoGraph
- Brick and stone textures: based on Mr.CleaN's Egyptian
textureset; variations by me are indicated with the _mod
suffix. The mrclean_based_combo_tiles texture is a
composite of multiple textures.
- door_layer.tga was extracted from an id Q3 texture.
- The envmapmach_ textures are variants on an id texture.
- Skybox: made by me using TerraGen
- The glyphs are letters from the synthetic language
Denden, of which I know very little other than it looks
cool and its font was free for any use. If you're curious
I'm sure a Google search will turn up more.
- Shaders in lostcolossus.shader are created by me or based
on existing shaders as credited.
- Wind sounds: Free sounds from around the Web, don't
remember where.
- Teleporter sound: this is drone_starship from Death2Uall's
Industrial Pack 1 (factory.thebackburner.com/).

Other thanks: - The denizens of the Quake3World level editing forum, for
advice and entertainment.
- Everyone who gave suggestions and other feedback: unitool,
pjw, Sehlio, Budda, bushboy, Maj, arQon, fatmanfat,
SgtGhost, some guy i know, nakedape, and anyone who may have
slipped my mind.
- Clan Plaid for being my "gaming support group".
- Of course, Robert Duffy, Paul Jaquays, and the rest of id
software; and Timothee Besset and the Q3Radiant ninjas.

Tools: - Q3Radiant 202 (www.qeradiant.com/)
- Q3Map 1.0r, modified for multiple-skybox-suns support
- Q3Map Explorer 1.3 (www.quake3stuff.com/q3me/)
- The GIMP 1.1.28 (www.gimp.org/)
- Milkshape 3D 1.4.1 (www.swissquake.ch/...alum-soft/ms3d/)

* Description *

A long-abandoned temple complex spanning two lofty plateaus, in a
mist-wreathed mountain range. Undiscovered by modern man... until now. Time
to get over your fear of heights.

Some notes...

- The teleporter in the underground room has three different destinations,
depending on how you enter it.

- At the "ladders", you can drop down to the ground at the foot of the ladder
without taking damage or making noise... just think of it as "climbing down
the ladder really really fast".

- You won't be able to see very far looking down the chimney from the top of
it. All that smoke and hot air, you know.

- On the very top of the peak, and at the "gate of winds", high winds will
blow you back onto solid ground if you fall off (although it will hurt a bit).
Elsewhere though, if you fall off the playing field, you're toast.

* Map specs *

Base: None
New sounds: Yes; see the credits above
New graphics: Yes, almost completely; see the credits above
Build time: Unknown; off and on (mostly off) Aug 2000 to Feb 2001
Brush count: 3822
Entity count: 778
Max polygons in view: approx. 7000 *
Imagelist size: approx. 3 MTexels **

* This is the max r_speeds value with gun display enabled, 3D icons, 3D
items, and high detail geometry.
** This is the imagelist size at r_picmip 1 (2nd-highest texture quality)
after doing a "give all" and selecting a weapon.

* Known issues *


* Copyright / Permissions *

All graphics and sounds in this archive remain property of their respective
owners; they are used here with permission.

The author reserves all rights to the contents of this archive (pk3 and text
file) not superceded by prior claims and not waived in this document.

You may of course install this map on a Q3 game server, and you may install
it for a Q3 client to play the map alone or on a game server.

You may not use this map as a base for creating other works without
permission from the author.