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Curved Space
Game type: CTF Title: Curved Space filename: Curved Author: Kommissar email: **email removed** extra info: It took about 200 hours of sketching and mapping to get this sucker done. I ususally spend about that much time on each CTF map. I did the sky and all the "textures" myself. This level was inspired by my 10 years of experience in graphic design, on color theory, and on design theory. I used purely abstract shapes to define the "floor" and "walls," and as far as textures, it's the only map that I know of whose textures aren't representing something else, such as metal, brick or dirt. I released a larger version for a GeForce2 contest and cut it down for the Alliance CTF mod (planetquake.com/alliance) so it's smaller and there is more action. It plays MUCH better in the smaller version. For more of my levels (and some other kickin'-good designs) check out some of the maps at alliance... there are some nice screen shots too (planetquake.com/alliance))
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