Sunday Januari 21th 2001,

This is a Quake III Arena - Deathmatch Level

======= a Level for ID Software's Quake III Arena ========
Map Title : Time2Fly
FileName(.pk3) : Time2Fly.pk3
FileSize(.pk3) : 1.602.463 bytes
FileAddress : dl.fileplanet.com/dl/dl.asp
Map Author : Binaryshi
E-Mail : **email removed**
HomePage : www.planetquake.com/binaryshi

============== Level Information ===============
MapTitle : Time2Fly
GameType : DeathMatch and Tourney
NumberPlayers : 2 - 4
SpawnPoints : 4
BotPlay : Yes; Duel with Daemia
Textures : Id's textures some resized
Sky : Xen Nebula by Darc, from halflife.lowlife.com/wadfather/
Scripts : Modified excisting scripts and made a RGB-player canon with normal
jumppad pulse shaders
Sounds : Q3A sounds only
Music : Sonic2.wav music
Enviroment : A small and fast, halfopen, space/base level.
Construction : A completely new design. I found ways to make a spiral in 24 steps round,
using a 12 sided pipe template. So, in this level I've made two jumppads
and oppossed to it, two player catchers made out of 12 sided pipes,
connected to these pipe spiral segments. This enables fast escapes from the deck and
returning to where the action is. Although this level looks open, there surtainly
are moments of speculating where the opponent is. Situations are changing very
fast in this map. I hope you have fun and like it!
Known Bugs : -Sometimes a player is slightly blocked for a millisecond at some pipes-brush
connections.This bug must be somewhere in the bsp compiler or in the Q3A engine
and the collision detection or something I don't know. All brushes are perfectly
aligned to the grid. Anyway, it doesn't bother the gameplay too much.
-Bots refuse to take the deck-pipecatcher jumppads. I tryed to solve this with
bot_roaming entities with increasing weight, but quit doing so because the bots
are roaming the rest of map pretty well and give excellent resistance.
Say hello to Deamia "Wild Thing" on hardcore...you'll notice =)!

============== Levels By Binaryshi =================
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Time2Fly dl.fileplanet.com/dl/dl.asp <= New!!! =)

=================== Thank You Goes To =====================
www.idsoftware.com For Creating this blasting game Quake III Arena
www.qeradiant.com For Creating the free and the best, wonderfull Q3Radiant Editor and Q3Map compiler
www.quake3world For being such an active forum and fast source of editing information

===================== Tech Info ======================
Work Station : Abit BP6, BX, Celeron 400@500, 128 MB RAM, Diamond v770 (TNT2),
CTX PR960F 19", Windows 98
Editor Used : Q3Radiant 202
Tools : Q3Build
Compiler : Q3Map v1.0p (c) 1999 Id Software Inc.

=================== Compile Output =====================
---- bsp ----
entering D:\Quake III Arena\baseq3\maps\time2fly.map
writing D:\Quake III Arena\baseq3\maps\time2fly.prt
Writing D:\Quake III Arena\baseq3\maps\time2fly.bsp
21 seconds elapsed

---- vis ----
reading D:\Quake III Arena\baseq3\maps\time2fly.bsp
reading D:\Quake III Arena\baseq3\maps\time2fly.prt
792 portalclusters
2402 numportals
2565 numfaces
4804 active portals
1784 hint portals
0...1...2...3...4...5...6...7...8...9... (20)
8 average number of passages per leaf
12 MB required passage memory
0...1...2...3...4...5...6...7...8...9... (48)
0...1...2...3...4...5...6...7...8...9... (1013)
creating leaf vis...
Average clusters visible: 391
writing D:\Quake III Arena\baseq3\maps\time2fly.bsp
1083.00 seconds elapsed

---- rad ----
reading D:\Quake III Arena\baseq3\maps\time2fly.bsp
100 light emitting surfaces
0...1...2...3...4...5...6...7...8...9... (38)
0...1...2...3...4...5...6...7...8...9... (561)
writing D:\Quake III Arena\baseq3\maps\time2fly.bsp
602 seconds elapsed

Binaryshi 2001
Quake III Arena 1999 Id Software. All rights reserved.