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Aethernal Nights
================================================================ Title : Aethernal Nights Filename : spwn3dm2.zip Author : Josť Miguel Alcazar AKA nanoSpawn E-mail Address : **email removed**, **email removed** Created : august-november 2000 Description : Quake 3 Arena PK3 It's a damn dark night. You've not been chosen for your fighting skills. Now it's your time. Go on and kill some ghosts in a base abandoned by the Vadrigar, the fight here is only for who that don't deserve nothing... Additional Credits to : id Software, of course, for creating the best deathmatch experience yet! And again, id software. Are you humans? I'm not sure... Maybe the Vadrigar live in Texas... Deathmonger: Thxs gorilla!!! item placement is yours! and lots of suggestions and beta-testing. Ironhammer, for forcing me to finish the level, thxs pal, and do a damn level!!!! And for reporting me lots and lots of bugs, my 3d card doesnt allow me to see z-fights Auhsan, suggestions, suggestions, and telling me the level sucks. Death2all: thxs to ya, you've introduced me in quakeworld, you've spent a nice time commenting out a crappy beta. Ppl as you makes the quake community r0x0rs. Akira Demolition: Damn long mail!!!! And lots of nice suggestions and helps!!!!! Thxs!!! Nunuk: Some texture ideas are yours, is just as simple as it sounds. Credits due to you for the long strip redish lite in all the level. Thxs, thxs and thxs again for being one of the most unbelievable mappers around!! Psycotic: I'm not going to forget ya, you mappin' skillz are quickly improving, wanna more maps from ya right now! And thxs for beta-testing this crappy bunch of polys! Oak: He did me a model that has not been included in final version. I'm sorry for making your work for nothing. It's all my fault, the model is awesome, anyways. And it's textured. Maj: For helping me with the shader, his shader knownledges are unlimited All the ppl at Qmap, all the ppl at qmap, and all the ppl at qmap All the ppl at #terrafusion, for not allowing me to do map All the ppl at #terrafusion, for being so mad and crazy All the ppl at #terrafusion, specially Shambler, we all know you secretely love Q3A. and all the ppl at #terrafusion. You know why Ppl that has helped me a lot in quake3world. I'm no forgetin' ya Again, all my loved gorillas at Manacor. And finally, Sharleen Spiteri and her amazing mates of Texas. Say what you want, they r0x0rs Know Bugs : none Know issues : High r-speeds. I'm very sorry for that, when I saw that, most of the level was done, and i didn't want to change the layout. The fault of that is from the fuckin open layout and the poor mappin abilities of the author. Other levels : spwn3dm1 (http://www.planetqua...=588&zip=spwn3dm1) The Spawn's Killing Zone. ================================================================ GENERAL INFORMATION Game : Quake 3 Arena Player Respawn Points : 8 Bot Support : Yes New Graphics : 2 modified textures New Sounds : No New Demos : No Q3A GAMES SUPPORTED Free For All : Yes Team Deathmatch : No Tournament : Yes Capture The Flag : No INSTALLATION Simply place this PK3 file into Q3A's "baseq3" folder, then run the game and you'll be able to select this level from the level selection screen. But I recommend to put all the PK3'ed levels you have in a folder called "custom" or anything you want and then start the game with the parm "+set fs_game custom". It's better, sure. CONSTRUCTION Base : New level from scratch Editor(s) used : Q3Radiant 1.0 Build 197 COPYRIGHT / PERMISSIONS Authors may NOT use this level as a base to build additional levels. You MAY distribute this PK3 file in any electronic format (Internet, BBS, Diskette, CD-ROM, etc) as long as neither its contents nor this text file are modified, and give me credit. You CANNOT sell this level with or without my conformity. Remember, the Quake Community is a free Community.
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