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Castles Arrrghhh
HALCTF2.PK3 * THIS LEVEL IS NOT MADE BY OR SUPPORTED BY id Software * * REQUIRES REGISTERED VERSION OF QUAKE3:Arena * Released: January 16, 2000 Title : Castles Arrrghhh Filename : HALCTF2.PK3 Author : John E. Schuch Email Address : **email removed** Home page : www.pyropimps.com Editing page : qw3.gamedesign.net Description : CTF level * Play Information * Game : Quake3 reg. Map Name : halctf2 Bot play : Yes Deathmatch 2-10 : No Capture the Flag : Yes * Construction * Program : q3Radiant Base : New from scratch. Construction time : About 2 weeks Compile times: bsp - 47sec vis - 963sec light - 6327sec Compile machine : p2 333MHz w/128meg PC100 * Other * Doom: None Doom2: Over 50. Duke3d Somewhere around 12 to 15 maps, not available on the net. Quake: About 20, no longer available -- Urbana CTF/DM mod Quake2: RA2MAP12 (Hal9000's Pimprena) HALRA2 (Hal9000's Pimprena II) HHOPE (Hadley's Hope) THEGRIT THEGRIME MINERVA OTHERWARE (The Other Warehouse) FRAGHACK UBERDM (DM competition map for E3 Uberfest 98) HAMTIME (HammerTime for HAMMERTOWN->StLouis) MINER (Miner 1999er) SPLIT ARGH (Castle Argh) and a few other non-internet-published Quake3: HALDM1.BSP (HAMMERTime) HALCTF1.PK3 (Forgotten Mines) * Copyright / Permissions * Authors may NOT use this level as a base to build additional levels. This map or any part of it may NOT be distributed over any medium at this time, or anytime in the future, for profit in any form of currency, credit, or rocks and pebbles (depending on your culture). This compiled .bsp, and all related files within the .pk3 may NOT be decompiled or reverse engineered in any manner whatsoever. No exceptions. * Etc * Thanks to Q11 and Jarlaxle for the great beta testing and good suggestions. Have fun, it's only a game. Hal 9000
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