POST by G A Z E B OCopyright (c) 2000 G A Z E B O (**email removed**)("Post-industrial? Post-apocalyptic? Post-modern? Post-McLuhan?"...)Release 1.0 ("Light" edition)Quake III Arena Tournament mapOctober 23, 2000*** Summary:Filename: map-post.zipMap name: postGame types: tournament, free-for-allBots: Tank Jr.*** Contents: o POST READ ME.TXT (this document) o map-post.pk3 o (Q3Radiant source file) PK3 contents: o post.bsp o post.aas o levelshots/post.jpg o music/amphetamine_psychosis.wav o scripts/post.arena o scripts/post.shader o textures/post (directory)*** Installation and usage:1. Use your preferred archival utility to extract the contents of into your x:\Quake III Arena\baseq3 directory.2a. To play this map for gameplay within the Multiplayer configuration, you must create a server. choose Free For All or Tournament mode, and then use the arrow buttons to scroll to the end of the official maps, and select POST. You will then be prompted to add bots and edit server information before the map is loaded.2b. From any screen within Quake III Arena, press the tilde key (~) to invoke the Quake console, and type: /map postand press Return. The map will be loaded, preserving the game state (any bots, game type, etc.). *** Notes:This map was designed as an aggressive 1-on-1 battleground that rewards the strategic as well as reflexive player. Inspired by the study of photographs of the abandoned Apollo and Gemini launch facilities at Cape Canaveral in Florida, I sought to attain the look and feel of a stripped and retired military-industrial complex.The gameplay objective is to provide a cat-and-mouse feel, where the distance between the players quickly changes from long range, sighting distance to point blank.The map contains: o (1) rocket launcher o (1) railgun o (1) grenade launcher o (1) shotgun o (1) Quad damage (120 second respawn) o (1) Megahealth (120 second reswpawn) o (1) Haste (120 second respawn) o (1) yellow armor o (2) each ammunition type (including machinegun) o (8) player starts o (2) health o (8) small health o (22) armor shardsBots fully traverse all of the map, including some interesting rocket jumps in pursuit of items, and camping points are provided for bots that tend towards that style of play. The initial, beta release of this map was built in one day. The final release required an additional day for completion, not including compile times and observing extended bot matches. It was built with Q3Radiant release 202, with models built in Alias|wavefront's Maya 3.0 and digitally photographed textures manipulated in Adobe Photoshop 5.5. The music was assembled in Steinberg Cubase VST 3.7, and this map was created and tested for Quake III Arena release 3.17 on a duct-taped Asus-based PIII 600MHz PC with a 32MB AGP TNT2 graphics card running under Windows 2000. It was additionally tested on a stock 400MHz Apple iMac DV.A number of MD3 assets were built, but pulled from this release at the last moment in the interest of maintaining acceptable frame rates on lower-end machines. These included objects such as light fixtures, ductwork, pipes, and fuse and control boxes, as well as some debris. I will package up a heavy version of this map in between other projects, and in all likelihood this will also include a full length musical score.Note that I have included the map source file; feel free to use this for any non-commercial purposes. In addition, feel free to use for non-commercial purposes the textures, shaders, and other game assets, provided due credit and notice is given.Continued feedback is appreciated, with every chance that an updated release incorporating fixes to any bugs or the addressing of gameplay issues will be turned around as soon as possible.This is the first map in a series of industrial-themed tournament maps. I have an extensive library of assets and maps created for other prototypical and proprietary game engines that I am converting into Quake III Arena maps.Thanks to ..::LvL for the beta forum (, and the feedback I received from the denizens therein regarding the beta release of this map. love + rockets,G A Z E B O**email removed**_______________________________________________________________________________________Quake III Arena is a registered trademark of id Software, Inc.