Curvy (aka Slopy:Arena)
Curvy - November 2000
Title : Curvy (aka Slopy:Arena)
Filename : curvy.txt (this readme file)
curvy.pk3 (the level itself)
Author : Aardappel (Wouter van Oortmerssen)
Email Address : **email removed**
Web Page :
Description : DM map for 2-4 players ideally,
VERY experimental, made out of 100%
curves. No bot play.

* Play Information *

Single Player : no bot file
Cooperative : eh?
Deathmatch : about 5 respawns
Difficulty Settings : no
New Sounds : no
New Graphics : no
New Music : no
Demos Supplied : no

* Construction *

Base : new level from scratch
Editor(s) used : Quark
Known Bugs : motion sickness
Build Time : 1 minute
Texture Wad used : none
Compile machine : pentium pro 200mhz, 128Mb Ram, v3

Summary of the level
This level is mostly meant as an experiment, and is barely playable. It is a map
that consists entirely (bar caulk brushes) out of curves (patches).

The history of this map goes a long way back: when I first started editing
Quake (1) I wanted to make a curvy hallway much like the ones you find in
this map, but didn't really succeed because quake/qbsp/vis collectively
barfed at it, because the brushwork was becoming WAY too complex. Simpler
versions of this experiment can be found in 2 Quake maps of mine, and the
levelshot and the level title hint at them :)

With Q3 I finally could implement my idea the way it was meant to be done.
At some point I threw all my little curve experiments together into a
single map, and added some items so it is barely playable. Somehow curves
are not that easy to navigate though, so don't expect great playability.
And I didn't even bother to put any kind of thought into the texturing
either, sorry.

The bot file is missing, simply because bspc choked on the map and wouldn't
produce an .aas file. .arena isn't much use without bots either.

Oh and if you don't like my little gameplay hack (haste), bad luck.
Not my fault Q3 is too slow without it.

I hope mappers will see this map and get more creative with curves, as
use of curves sofar has been frighteningly unoriginal. Just how many prefab
arches can you take?

A .map is included for whoever is interested.


* Copyright / Permissions *

You now the drill: don't tamper with the archive or anything in it. Cheers.
Distribution in any way is ok. Hey, you could even ask me :)

Wouter van Oortmerssen (aka Aardappel)