Title : chemical1
Release Date : August 08, 2000
File name : chemical1.pk3

Email Address : **email removed**

Map info : Chemical Plant
Map Version : FINAL

Thanks to : ID software, I love quake 3 woohoo!!


Player Load : 4-8
New Textures : yes
New Models : no
New Sounds : no
New Music : no
Demos : no


Editor used : Q3Radiant 201

Known Bugs : None

Build Time : 2 months


Unzip the (if you haven't already) into your baseq3 directory.
Load the game, then type ~ to bring down the console, type "map chemical1" in the
console, then press enter or goto the Skirmish Menu under single player, the map should
be in the list somewhere


You may redistribute this map by means of electronic media (i.e. the Internet) for
a price of $0.00 (absolutely free). Any commercial use without my permission is