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====General=Info========================================================= Title : chemical1 Release Date : August 08, 2000 File name : chemical1.pk3 Author : BIZKIT_DADDY Email Address : **email removed** Map info : Chemical Plant Map Version : FINAL Thanks to : ID software, I love quake 3 woohoo!! ====Map=Info============================================================= Player Load : 4-8 New Textures : yes New Models : no New Sounds : no New Music : no Demos : no ====Construction========================================================= Editor used : Q3Radiant 201 Known Bugs : None Build Time : 2 months ====Installation========================================================= Unzip the chemical1.zip (if you haven't already) into your baseq3 directory. Load the game, then type ~ to bring down the console, type "map chemical1" in the console, then press enter or goto the Skirmish Menu under single player, the map should be in the list somewhere ====Copyright=/=Permissions============================================== You may redistribute this map by means of electronic media (i.e. the Internet) for a price of $0.00 (absolutely free). Any commercial use without my permission is prohibited.
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