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Or@nGeBuTt's Demonic Playground
======================================================================================== Title: Or@nGeBuTt's Demonic Playground Date: 8/12/2000 Filename: q3Or@nGeBuTt1 Author: Kamil "Or@nGeBuTt" Kascha E-Mail: **email removed** Description: My first nice little Tourney! ;-) Additional Credits to: Qeradiant 202, Q3A Shader Editor (by Bert "Rat" Peers), Id-Software for the best game ever! =) Installation: Place the PK3-File into your /baseq3-Directory and choose it in Skirmish or Multiplayer! ======================================================================================== -Play Information- Players: 1-2 Players (if you wanna see much blood, play it with more ;-) ) Bots: Yes Weapons: Rocket Launcher,Shotgun,Plasma Gun Items: Haste (only to get with a Rocket Jump),Yellow Armor,Health,Small Health, Armor Shards -Construction- Base: Or@nGeBuTt Editors used: Qeradiant 202, Q3ASE Known Bugs: In lava, there are some graphical bugs (so don't get into!) =) Build Time: ~8 hours Additional Info: I left some clippings out, 'cause of the gameplay! Compile Machine: P3-650,128Mb,Geforce256 running Win98 q3map BSP-Time: ~2 seconds q3map Vis-Time: ~10 seconds q3map Light-Time: ~240 seconds bspc Time: ~18 seconds -Copyright / Permissions- This Map is (c) by Kamil Kascha You are not allowed to include or distribute this map in any sort of commercial product without permission from the author. You may also ask the author before distributing this level via any non-electronic means, including but not limited to compact disks and floppy disks.
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