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White Collar Violence
================================================================================ * LEVEL INFORMATION * -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- TITLE : White Collar Violence FILENAME : lae3dm2.pk3 (lae3dm2.bsp, lae3dm2.aas) AUTHOR : Michael "Laerth" Daugherty DATE : 09.05.2000 GAME : Quake 3: Arena TYPE : DeathMatch (Tournament, FFA) EMAIL ADDRESS : **email removed** HOMEPAGE URL : www.planetquake.com/cc/ -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- * LEVEL DESCRIPTION * -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Concrete-themed base map designed for 1on1 or FFA with up to 4 players. Items: 1 rocketlauncher 1 railgun 1 lighting gun 1 shotgun 1 yellow armor 1 red armor 16 armor shards 2 MG ammo 2 LG ammo 2 RL ammo 2 SG ammo 0 RG ammo 1 mega health 1 large health 3 health 6 small health -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- DEATHMATCH : 7 Player Respawn Points SUGGESTED GAMEPLAY : Free For All (3-4 players), Tourney NEW TEXTURES : Custom sky, teleport, and bouncepad shaders created by me. A few id floor textures were also altered slightly. NEW SOUNDS : No MUSIC TRACK : fla22k_05.wav -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- * PLAY INSTRUCTIONS * -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Open the lae3dm2.zip file with an unzipping program (such as "Winzip") and extract "lae3dm2.pk3" into "C:\Quake3\baseq3\" (substitute "C:\Quake3\" for whatever your Quake3 directory is). 1. Load Quake3. 2. Click "Singleplayer" 3. Select "Skirmish" 4. Select the type of game you want to play (Free For All or Tournament) from the Gameplay field. 5. Next, click the right arrow button on your screen until you see "lae3dm2" and a screenshot of a rather cool looking level. Click on it and hit the "Next" button. 6. Select the bots you wish to play (if you are unsatisfied with the default bots) and select a difficulty level. Select a timelimit or fraglimit if you want one and once everything is to your liking, click on the "FIGHT" button. 7. Enjoy! -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- * CONSTRUCTION * -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- MAP BASE : Built from scratch PREFABS USED : None EDITOR(S) USED : Q3Radiant 199-202 CONSTRUCTION TIME : Roughly 2 months. BRUSH COUNT : 2925 ENTITY COUNT : 450 KNOWN BUGS : High r_speeds and one or two troublesome t-junctions that just would not go away (you probably won't notice unless you go looking for them). COMPILE MACHINE : Celeron400@500 w/ 128MB RAM BSP TIME : 32 seconds VIS TIME : 10 minutes LIGHT TIME : 6 hours BSPC TIME : 3 minutes TEST MACHINE : PII 450 w/ 128MB RAM Geforce 256 DDR -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- * OTHER LEVELS BY THE AUTHOR * -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Quake 3: Arena: Nothing At All Asunder Notable Q1 releases: Shroud 2: Anxiety Timeless See my 20+ other releases at www.planetquake.com/cc/ -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- * ADDITIONAL INFORMATION * -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Nothing at all was harmed in the making of this map. -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- * CREDITS * -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- id Software : For providing a semi-decent game to map for. :P Schmorky : Telling me the tubes sucked. www.planetquake.com/lvl/ : Good beta testing forum. www.quake3world.com/ : Excellent level editing messageboard + beta testing ================================================================================ * COPYRIGHT / PERMISSIONS * -------------------------------------------------------------------------------- Authors MAY NOT use this level as a base to build additional levels. You MUST NOT distribute this level UNLESS you INCLUDE THIS FILE WITH NO MODIFICATIONS!!!. If you don't cooperate, then DON'T DISTRIBUTE IT IN ANY FORM!!. This LEVEL may be distributed ONLY over the Internet and/or BBS systems. You are NOT authorized to put this LEVEL on any CD or distribute it in any way without my permission.
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