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[ I N F O R M A T I O N ] Title : Situational Date of release : 27th June 2000 Files : /maps/q3dmsit.bsp /maps/q3dmsit.aas /levelshots/q3dmsit.jpg /scripts/q3dmsit.arena /textures/e2u1/tunl1_7.tga Author : PiX, Kenneth Chartrand Email address : **email removed** Web Page : www.tfexpert.com/maq Description : Quake 3 Deathmatch Level Suitable for 4-6 ffa and for duels Other maps by author : Q1 - dkkm Q1 - pain Q1 - dustys_d Q1 - dustys_c Q1 - fallingdown Q2 - q2dc Editors used : Q3Radiant 2.0 beta Known Bugs : None known Build Time : 45-50 hours Compile machine : Celeron 450 / 128 Mb Video Card : Geforce 2 GTS Additional utils used : Q3Build v1.09 LViewPro [ N O T E S ] !!!!!!!! CAUTION: THIS LEVEL IS VERY ADDICTIVE !!!!!!!!! Gameplay above all!!! (Having a nice design doesn't hurt either :) Yes it is. You'll keep comming back for more. My goal was to create a gameplay masterpiece with a nice atmophere using good usage of lighting and flow. What really sets this level apart from others is the interconnectivity of its sections(the bots love it). Every section has 3 ways of entering it either by top, side or bottom. The teleport is used both ways and teleports the player from 2 extreme points of the level. The Teleports are also Mirrors which comes in handy when you want to see who is tagging your tail, Looks amazing too!!! I always have a tendancy to put "danger zones", Pits with lethal Fog. Its adds alot of ambience and also caution to players. I played tested this map with bots, re-adjusted, play again with bots and re-adjusted until the bots played amazing!! I do feel that the bots do a very, very good job in this map. They use the Jump pad well and Teleports well also. I'm very satisfied how this map turned-out be sure to please leave your comments. Thanks and Good Fragging. !!!!!!!!!! END OF CAUTION !!!!!!!!!! [ I N S T R U C T I O N S ] You have to: 1. Copy q3dmsit.pk3 into ..quake3/baseq3 directory 2. Run Quake 3 3. In Quake at the console type /map q3dmsit 4. Play the map. 5. Enjoy it or hate it. 6. Exit the game. 7. Launch your mail program. 8. Write love/hate mail to **email removed**. [ T H A N K S T O: ] id software for Quakies and for QERadiant(Documentation included) [www.idsoftware.com] Planetquake (www.planetquake.com) Invaluable resource for all quake lovers. Ben Morris for Worldcraft, without him I would not have gotten into map making. Even though I did not use Worldcraft, I still find it one of the best editors out there. Thanks Ben. Blues News, for always keeping me updated!! (www.bluesnews.com) My wife Sandra for putting up with my Quake1, Quake2 and now Quake3 Addiction. She's such a wonderful person. Patrick for playetesting, and encouraging me to continue. My Clan MaQ, The greatest Guys in the world and also the best Q3F clan in Quebec. Thanks TuFir, Vince, Dragonolia, BrainDead, Cannibal, WarLordZ, Chainsaw, Nightvision. My Co-Workers at the National Bank with which I have played Quake for 4 years now and doom before that. Dominic, Martin, Jean-Benoit, Richard, Michel, Francois. Pat Metheny, You need great music to level edit since its sooooo looooonnnggg [ L E G A L S T U F F ] This BSP may be distributed ONLY via the Internet and/or BBS systems. You are NOT authorized to put this BSP on any CD or distribute it in any way without my permission. And don't remove this .txt file from the .zip archive! Remember: Its not how you play the game, its if you win or lose. [ P i X ] MEILLEURS ASSASINS DU QUEBEC www.tfexpert.com/maq
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