Dead Simple (4)
Filename: q3ds.bsp
Mapname: Dead Simple
Author: Mike " [iF]Gonad" Piotrowski
Date of release: 03/27/2000
Email address: **email removed**
Game: Quake3Arena
Gametype: Deatmatch
Number of players: 3 - 7 (large enough to support 20 but would probably slowdown lower end machines)
New Sounds: No
New Graphics: Yes
Build Time: 2 hrs. 58 mins (old version took over 7hrs.)
Editor Used: Q3Radiant
Machine Used: AMD 333mhz 180 megs, Voodoo Banshee 16 meg card
Weapons: 2 RL, RG,LG,GL,PG,&SSG
Powerups: Quad,Invisibility, & Haste
-=Install and play Info=-
Directions: Unzip q3ds.pk3 into your quake3/baseq3 directory.
To Play: Fire up Quake3Arena, goto single player then click on Skirmish. Find q3ds and your
ready to play :-)
Credits: Id Software for outdoing themselves and making the most kick-ass action game to
Many Thanks: Go out to the guys over at PureDM for hosting such a kick-ass contest for without
you guys I never would have made this map wich I feel I have outdone myself and
Fored me to complete a map wich I have not done done in over a year. :-)
Special Thanks: Go out to all the guys who helped beta test this map for me: 1. [DOH!] NedMan
2. QuakerX
3. Skip "Defrag" Downey
4. R.P.G.
5. M.C.
YOU GUYS ROCK !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Additional Map Info: This was my most challenging moment in many more ways than one. For starters
I lost an almost complete orignal version of this map 2 weeks ago in a horrible
computer crash. I almost gave up. I have to thank my wife for urging me to start another
one. She said I worked too hard on it just to give up and I have to agree. I restarted a nerw one.
I learned my lesson and backed up each map on disk at the end of a mapping session. Good thing
I did because then I had a visit from Mr. Virus wich made going into any program (much less my editor)
an impossibility.
I plan on implementing more into the map the way I originally planned on it to look like after my European
trip. For starters I'm going to spruce up the border walls and add border to the roof.
This map went through many many versions. The prettiest version of it was a real FPS killer so I had to
sacrifice some eyecandy in order for it to be playable. To me gameplay is 'KING" above all else.
I think the absolute most important part of this map is the improved gameplay over the original DOOM 2
version or any remake of it that "I" have seen (Don't confuse what I'm saying with that I think it's better than
any released Dead Simple). I just think the game play is improved as this version offers the player many
Choices in and out of a situation as well as many different vantage points.
I think you'll find the bots I chose for this map are appropriate for a DOOM2 remake