The Pool
June 13th, 2000 Hydra-[UKS]
Title : The Pool

Description : This map is based around a swimming
pool set in the middle of a few rooms

It's a nice fast map that's small
enough for 1on1 but doesn't get to hectic
when played with 4-6 players.

Filename(s) : maps/hydrathepool.bsp (mapfile)
maps/hydrathepool.aao (botdata)
levelshots/hydrathepool.bsp (levelshot)
scripts/hydrathepool.shader (shader script)
scripts/hydrathepool.arena (arena script)
textures/hydrathepool/*.* (custom textures)

Version : June 13th,2000 Fourth and Final Release
History : Final release version.

Author : Dominic "Hydra" Clifton

Email Address : **email removed**

Web Site(s) :

Description : DM map for 2-5 players

Credits to : ID-Software for Quake III Arena.

Everyone on any q3 map editing message boards and
anyone who's created mapping tutorials, thanks! and all map beta testers

* Installation *

Copy this file (*.txt) and the *.pk3 file to your baseq3 folder, start a game,
drop to the console and type "/map hydraq3thepool" (don`t use the "").
Or start a server and select the map from the list.

This map was called HydraQ3ThePool, please delete
from your hard drive.

* Play Information *

Single Player : Bots
Cooperative : No
Deathmatch : Yes
Team Deathmatch : I dunno ? maybe..
# of Players : 2-5
Difficulty Settings : Bots
New Sounds : No
New Graphics : Yes
New Music : No

* Construction *

Base : Started from scratch.

Editor(s) used : Q3Radiant

Known Bugs : None (let me know if you find any)

Build Time : Built on and off over 5 days

Compile Time : 40 minutes and 15 seconds

Texture Pak(s) used : Quake3 baseq3 pak0.pk3

Compile machine : PIII 450Mhz/96MB Ram, UW-SCSI 9GB, TNT2

* Copyright / Permissions *

You may distribute these files freely as long as this text file
is included and no file and/or filename is changed. The
Hydra*.* files are (C)2000 Dominic Clifton

* Review Notes *

If you're reviewing this map, please note that this is my first publicly
released map, I have now developed much better mapping skills but
because this level plays really nicely with a group of friends I thought
I'd release it. It has no special mapping features of any kind, but
the item placement has been worked on to make all areas of the map as
balanced as possible. All rooms have two entrances (except the hidden
room) so camping isn't really possible (thank god.).

* Bug Reports / Suggestions *

Please send them to: **email removed**